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A windshield crack is a terrible experience. No matter how small the crack may be, you know it’s a problem and you know you need to fix it right away. That’s when you start thinking about the cost of fixing it, and the time it will take, and you probably stay high. But repairing windshield cracks can be much easier and faster than you think. Sometimes you can repair a crack in 10 minutes or less with very simple techniques.

The first steps

As soon as you get a crack, you have to get somewhere to stop the spread. A small crack can turn into a ruined windshield in a very short order. If moisture penetrates the crack or freezing weather hits the windshield, that crack will grow and expand and you will eventually need a full windbreak replacement. Dirt and debris can also enter the crack, which can eliminate all possibilities for DIY repair.

Apply epoxy or acrylic directly to the crack. This will fill the crack or chip and prevent it from spreading. You will notice a dramatic improvement in the crack as you do so.

clear epoxy is poured into a plastic cup

Do not have epoxy or acrylic? You probably have clear nail polish. Grasp it and pull it over the crack so that moisture and dirt are avoided. This will act as a tape aid until you can perform your repair.

Once you know that at least the crack will not get worse, you still do not want to waste a lot of time repairing it. Fortunately, it is not difficult to move on to the next step and hopefully completely fix that windshield crack.

How big is it?

Large windshield cracks cannot be repaired with DIY methods. For larger cracks, you must go to a repair technician. Many companies specialize in auto glass. However, this repair can be costly, so it is always worth doing the repair yourself if possible.

hand apply professional windshield crack repair unit

As a general rule, if your crack is longer than the length of a standard US dollar bill, you can not repair it yourself.

You also cannot repair cracks found in some parts of the windshield. Does the crack pass through a radio antenna or something else embedded in the glass? In that case, consult a technician instead of repairing this crack.

If the crack is complex and in fact there are many different cracks, it is probably not an option to repair it yourself. A crack that contains one or more large chips may also be too extensive to repair.

Repair the crack

Windshield repair kits are available at all home improvement stores and even on Amazon, which can ship the package overnight. These kits are incredibly easy to use and extremely effective. Just follow the instructions for the letter. Before doing anything against the windshield, make sure it is dry. If necessary, take a hair dryer and use it to dry the windshield completely.

If you can not repair the crack yourself or if you are not happy with your DIY job, you need to go to a repair technician. Explore your options to make this a little more bearable financially. It is possible that your car insurance covers all or part of the cost of the repair. Consult with them to find out before you take the step and pay for the full cost of the repair yourself.

hand apply epoxy to fix the windshield with crack repair kit

Clear views ahead

Visibility of the windscreen is an important part of the safety of your vehicle. You do not want to drive around with a crack of any size in the windshield because it is unacceptable to compromise your visibility. Whatever you do, do not hesitate to repair the windshield.

First try a DIY method if you can and perform the repair yourself. If this fails, turn to the pros so you can fix the windshield and get a clear, free obstacle around the world that you absolutely must have.

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