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WiFi thermometer with ESP8266 in STA / AP mode: 5 steps

There are two versions of this project, the functionality of the site is the same. In both cases, the ESP8266 runs a web server that pulls temperatures into a table. Connections are differentiated in versions. In one case, it is possible to use an existing LAN that the card connects to and holds a web server at a static or dynamic IP address. After entering IP in the browser window, the user receives a request from ESP with temperatures on request.

In the second case, the card sends its own SSID in AP mode as an access point. The user can access the card by entering the network password (included in ESP8266). The board transmits the SSID with WPA / WPA2 PSK encryption, or it is possible to broadcast an open wifi network. Data is only available within the reach of this wifi network outside the home LAN network. The DHCP server is also run on ESP, which, after successful user authentication, assigns an IP address from the interval. The website is located at the gateway's IP address ̵

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