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WI-FI speaker of Raspberry Pi: 6 steps

The Raspbian Buster Lite OS is quite enough. I connected the Pi to a monitor and keyboard to configure it. The raspi-config command allows you to easily configure WI-FI credentials.
A simple startup script should turn on the LED and should play a startup sound. That's why I created a bash script in init.d sudo nano /etc/init.d/troubadix.shebrit19659002vardWith the following content

  #! / Bin / bash
# Ger: start
# Required-Start: $ local_fs $ network $ remote_fs
# Required-stop: $ local_fs $ network $ remote_fs
# Default start: 2 3 4 5
# Default Stop: 0 1 6
# Short description: play startup sounds
# Description: Play startup sounds

# LED status LED
sudo gpio -g mode 1
7 out sudo gpio -g write 17 1 # Play startup sounds mpg123 /home/pi/startup.mp3 &> /home/pi/mpg123.log Chapter19659004achte Make the script executable

  sudo chmod + x /etc/init.d/troubadix.shebrit19659004??To run the script at startup script following command 

  sudo update-rc.d troubadix.sh by default 

The installation of the Spotify connect service is very simple. Here is an archive that hosts an installation script: https://github.com/dtcooper/raspotify So finally, the installation is just a single command.

  curl -sL https://github.com/dtcooper/raspotify | sh 

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