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Where to find free pallets for DIY projects

From gardens to floors to furniture, using pallets for DIY projects is a great way to cycle, save money and stay environmentally friendly. And the best part is that there are a number of places to buy free pallets to save even more green.

Mom & # 39; Pop Shops

Larger companies probably have lots of pallets to load, but you "are less likely to be successful there. That's because they probably have a system in place that enables them to become more efficient at getting rid of used pallets, which probably does not include giving them away.

Seeking free pallets from small businesses will probably give you more success, since small businesses usually do not have space in their budgets to hire a company to remove unnecessary pallets. Hardware stores, garden stores, newspaper or print shops, small grocery stores and pet stores are all places you can call to see if they would be willing to give you one of their unnecessary pallets. [1

9659002] Pallet Recyclers

There is such a thing as a pallet recycling company, and this is a great place to buy free pallets. pallets are usually pallets that are of high quality but still not common in size, which means that they are very valuable. Visit these recycling facilities to see if they have any pallets they want to get rid of.

 stacks of colored pallets


As with many other things, the web makes it easy to find free pallets. Try using a website like Cragislist to place an ad that searches for pallets. You will be surprised how many people want to find a good home for pallets they do not need, which makes it a win-win situation for everyone involved. Other places to look are the Facebook Marketplace, the LetGo app or the website Freecycle . Finally, the website 1001 Pallets contains a section of pallets that people want to give away.

New companies

Newly opened companies are a good place to visit in the quest for free pallets. This is because these companies have probably received large shipments to get stock in their shelves. Stop in and ask if they have any pallets that they would be willing to separate with when you welcome them to the neighborhood.

Construction sites

Whether a new commercial building or a home is under construction, construction sites are a good place to get free pallets and scrap wood. Stop at these places and see if you can remove them. These articles often end up at the end of a project.

 construction workers with pallets [19659002] Keep the industry in mind

Refrain from buying companies that expose wood to hazardous materials . For example, you may not want pallets from a pesticide or chemical processing company in your home.

Be strategic when it comes to picking up free pallets. The "healthiest" seem to come from the dry goods industry. This is because they are exposed to light goods that do not spill or stain the wood.

Carefully examine pallets

When encountering free pallets, carefully examine them before taking them home. Look for stains, feel them for moisture (which can lead to mold) and even smell them to make sure they have no unpleasant odor.

Dress for the part

Bring gloves and a mask to keep you safe. Pallets can give you a splinter or nails sticking out of them, and sandy or dusty pallets may require you to wear a mask while researching and handling them.

 recycled pallets

Always ask

Even if you simply drive around the city and see some pallets behind a company or next to a dumpster, you do not assume that they are about to take hold. Ask the owner if it's okay to take the pallets before scraping them off to make sure you don't flutter any feathers.

Don't Take Branded Pallets

Pallets that are labeled should not be taken. They are usually marked because they will eventually get back to anyone they name. If you take them and the brand finds out, they can persecute you to request their pallets back.

Developing a Palette Network

When you find a small company or elsewhere that has provided you with high quality free pallets, work to build a relationship with them. Exchange contact information so you can potentially use it time and time again for more free project materials.

Finding your free pallets is only half the fun! There are countless projects that you can complete with these pieces of wood to improve your home or yard.

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