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What can you ask the landlord to repair?

A tenant's life is full of ups and downs, and it can be even more frustrating if your landlord is playing hardball about repairs. Fortunately, in most places it is your right as a tenant to get the property owner to fix some major problems.

Leaks and other significant damage should be dealt with as soon as they occur. Unfortunately, some tenants end up raising the cost of repairs due to a delayed response or removing refusals from their landlord. There are some minor maintenance issues that you can choose to take care of, but some of the most common house problems should be dealt with by the landlord. Here are eight things you can ask the landlord to repair.

first Leaking roof

A leaking roof can make your home uncomfortable, dangerous or even uninhabitable. As soon as you see a leak in the roof, call the landlord. Even a little drip can cause big problems ̵

1; your valuable electronics and furniture can be destroyed by the water if the problem is not repaired in time.

2. Broken windows and doors

If you rent a place that has broken windows or doors before moving in, ask the landlord to repair them before you sign the lease. If you or any of your guests are liable for damage to doors or windows while you are already on the lease, the paying party will depend on your lease.

 a broken window in a door

3. Blocked sewer system

A blocked sewer system can affect entire groups of apartments – even a complete property – making them basically olive. The toilets can flood and cause a danger to you and all roommates or family members. Blocked drains pose an even greater health risk. If you realize that the drain is causing problems in your apartment, try to stay away for a few days until the problem is fixed. If your landlord refuses to handle sewerage issues, you can choose to terminate the lease or raise issues with the authorities.

4. Broken Fireplace

The fireplace is an integral part of many homes in colder climates. If you rent an apartment with a fireplace, make sure it works properly. If the fireplace develops any problems naturally, you must call the landlord for repairs, since it is ultimately their property . Doing repairs for your landlord hurts you as a tenant.

However, if the damage was caused directly by your actions, you may be forced to repair it from your pocket. If you do not need the stove, do not waste your time repairing. If you think the repair cost is too much, ask the landlord to share the costs. At the end of the day, if you choose to install a brand new fireplace, it will be to the benefit of your landlord.

5. Water heating system

Do not fight with cold water when the landlord could repair the water heater. Some tenants do not know that they have a fundamental right to such amenities. The cost of heating the water is usually included in your rent. If the system develops any problems, the landlord should be notified as soon as possible.

 a technician working on a water heating tank

6. Major electrical problems

There are many electrical problems that a rental apartment can experience. Some of the problems are internal and can be handled by the tenant. However, some are large and must be handled by the landlord. Understanding such problems will help you know when to call your landlord and when to call an electrician.

One of the electrical problems that will require landlord intervention is when there are problems with the connection to the grid. If the entire apartment family is experiencing problems, chances are there is a major problem that may require the landlord to intervene. However, in case of minor internal electrical problems such as troubleshooting, you can choose to repair yourself.

7. Cable TV Problems

Cable TV connections can also develop problems. If you realize you are connected for no reason or you cannot receive the signal, call the landlord to intervene. But if you feel you can repair the problem without causing more damage, you can also continue to repair. If you are experiencing poor TV connections, check with your neighbors to see if the problem affects the entire block. Your landlord should repair any cable TV problems without asking for a refund.

8. Leakage of supply pipes

Leakages of all kinds – from road pipes to sinks and even gas supply – must be repaired as soon as they occur. In particular, gas leaks must be handled at an urgent rate. You should not even have time to negotiate with the landlord. If he / she cannot fix the gas leak, you should terminate the lease or call the authorities. The urgency of the water leak depends on the extent of the drop, but they should also be dealt with quickly.


As a tenant, you have the right to enjoy your stay in an apartment without having to worry about amenities. The landlord should ensure that all necessary functions in a residential area are functional or repaired on time. Do not live in an apartment that poses a danger to your health in any way. In such a case, you have the right to terminate the lease and demand a refund.

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