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Two-stage Fruit Smoothie

On a hot summer day, the best beauty is a cold. After eating the rest of the frozen popcorn in the freezer, everyone needs a healthy, cold treatment. Smoothies are a good solution, but can take a long time. However, this smoothie is made of ingredients that should be in everyone's kitchen. With a simple two step, this smoothie is made in just ten minutes!


Even though I used special fruit (strawberries and wild blueberries), this smoothie tastes good with whatever fruit is desired. Bananas, yogurt and juice, however, are the main ingredients. Without these, smoothie will have the wrong consistency. The frozen bananas give smoothie a consistency in ice cream. Yogurt and juice thin smoothie out a little so it can be mixed. The taste of yogurt and juice can be changed. These flavors complemented my fruit selections.

These are the core ingredients:


. Four Frozen Bananas

2. 1/3 cup of strawberry yogurt

3. 1/3 Cup Cranberry Grape Juice

Here you can be creative. Come up with different fruit combinations for the perfect smoothie. I used:

4. Ten frozen strawberries

5. One cup of wild blueberries

Tools Necessary: ​​

1. Food Processor

2. Food Processor Blade (Be careful as these blades are very sharp! ACTION IT WITH NOTE AND CAUTION!)

3. Spatula

4. Glass Cup

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