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Turn your old skateboard into an electric skateboard!: 6 steps (with pictures)

Of course, if you have wrong parts, they will not work together, and your skateboard will remain just a skateboard.

So what are the parts of an electric skateboard you ask.

There are three main parts:

1) Moto r: This is the engine. It gives the power and drives the wheels!

2) Batteries : To spin the engine we need a lotta POWAHHH! So we need some batteries to power the engine.

3) ESC : This is the brain of the board. It takes the power from the batteries and converts it into signals that can drive the engine and also takes signals from the remote control and accelerates or decelerates according to instructions.

Considering our choices from the previous section, I went for a single engine instead of a dual motor unit (to save cost). A 5065 engine that could handle 1

0-20A of power was perfect. Check the part list for description and specifications.

For the ESC, I chose an ESC with a built-in controller, and the controller was equipped with it, for $ 40. Sounds like a bargain.

For the batteries, we need high-charge lithium-ion batteries for this building. At this point, I have to warn you that lithium ion batteries are highly flammable and can explode and cause rapid fires if they are fake, abused, abused, overcharged or overcharged. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Due to the above risk, a battery management system was needed to prevent the batteries from going over or below their safe limits.

For charging batteries, a 25.2V charger with 2-4A charging current was purchased for lithium ion batteries .

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