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Try snow painting this winter

This winter try something new that is fun for the whole family! Next time it snows, try snow painting, which is simple, fun and creates the perfect "Instagram worthy" moment in the middle of a winter wonderland. This activity provides the perfect opportunity to express your artistic side while getting some fresh air, which can be a tough goal to achieve in the winter.

Step 1 – Prepare your materials

Before you venture outside, you must collect all necessary materials. These include a selection of food colors ̵

1; red, yellow and blue are a good start – and spray bottles. If you plan on mixing colors to get a wider range of shades, you can also get plastic bowls and brushes together.

Step 2 – Prepare the color

Fill your spray bottles with cold water. This is important, as hot water will melt the snow as you paint, so it should be avoided. Add several drops of food coloring to each bottle so you have one of each primary color. You should add enough color to make the colors bold and vibrant against the snow.

If you are looking for alternative colors, use the primary colors to mix new colors in the plastic bowls you made. Pour these new colors into their own spray bottles for use. You can also mix the colors as you spray them. It's about experiments!

 Pour color paints into snow in copper

Step 3 – Go out and paint

When your paint is done in the individual spray bottles, go out and use it. Aim your spray bottles at the snow and sprayed. You see the colors along the snow bank and you can easily create vivid images. It is easiest to create large abstract works of art. If desired, you can also use brushes with bowls full of mixed colors to create images in the snow. This is not the best method for young children, as it can get a little messy! However, it is a good method for creating more detailed images as it is easier to control a brush rather than a spray bottle for short images. Keep in mind that it may be easier to keep your hands warm by wearing gloves when using spray bottles rather than brushes.

Step 4 – Document your work

The painting is the fun part, but the other component of this project is how you can document your work to show the world! Use your smartphone or a real camera to take artistic shots of your masterpieces. This can be a good time to do something creative enough to incorporate into a family vacation photo. You can even write a weekend greeting in the snow with your color and create a unique photo.

Another way to create an "Instagrammable" moment with snow color is to adorn a snowman with color for a detailed and heartfelt face. No matter what art you choose to do during the project, you can definitely get some great photos of it or even make a short film out of the process.

 snow overlapped with colorful splashes

More options for food coloring

You can keep this project at a relatively low cost by using the cheapest food color you can find in basic colors in the grocery store. This option works well. But if you are looking for a wider range of colors, go to a craft store or store that sells more specialty baking products. Invest in gel food color, which comes in a wider range of shades. These colors also tend to be more vibrant.

Bringing the Snow Inside

Bringing the snow inside can be a great way to keep kids busy on a snow day. Get a wide storage container and fill it with fresh snow from the great nature. Rows of towels under the container. Give the children paints in cups and brushes or the spray bottles (if you trust them to spray inside without moving). Let them paint their hearts without being exposed to the cold temperatures. It will be a snow day that they will always remember!

Our site has so many projects you can do on a snow day, but it has to be one of the funniest and most memorable, and it's really something worth documenting!

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