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The ultimate guide for recycled wood

Recycled wood has something entirely new that just does not have – character. Each piece has its own unique look and sets it apart from fresh wood that has not had time to age or mature. Many also appreciate recycled wood for its environmental friendliness. It is a fantastic recycling material, as it does not require new energy or create new waste to use it.

Purchase of recycled wood

Be careful where you come from your wood. Look for a reseller that guarantees that their recycled products have been tested and treated for termites. Always check pieces for nails and other metal ̵

1; these things can be good, but you need to know where not to cut. Also make sure that the wood has been dried in the oven. This critical step prevents the reclaimed wood from twisting and twisting. It also combats attacks against termites and insects by killing any bugs and eggs that may be deep in the wood.

  a decorated wood lodge

Working with Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is older than normal wood, which means it may not look so great at first. To clean recycled wood, use a stiff nylon brush to rub down the entire piece on all sides. Then spray the piece of wood properly with water. Be careful about your water pressure. If the pressure is too high you can damage your wood. Remove all staples, nails, screws and metal pieces from the wood, especially if you use it as some kind of flooring.

After cleaning, leave the wood out in the sunlight for about five hours to dry thoroughly. Keep an eye on this process – wood can happen or bend if you leave it in the sunlight for too long.

Then lightly and gently sand with hard sandpaper. This will even out the surface without sacrificing the patio which makes recycled wood so desirable.

The only way to be safe wood is free from a mis infection is to treat it in an oven. If you do not have your own oven or there is an oven that you can use, you may want to consider buying all your recycled wood rather than trying to do the recycling yourself. You do not want to risk bringing termites into your home.

Work carefully, especially if you cut or add nails or screws. Recycled wood tends to be very dry, so go slow and use appropriate tools to avoid damaging it.

Staining of old wood

Staining of recycled wood is no different from dyeing any other kind of wood. First, grind the wood lightly to level it and preserve the natural grain. Brush on the stain the same way you apply paint – with long, even strokes. Allow the stain to dry for at least 24 hours before deciding whether to apply a different coat. If you do not get a polyurethane stain, you must apply a layer of polyurethane once your stain has been applied and set.

Sometimes you can choose to leave recycled wood just as it is and apply no new stain. This allows the age of the wood to shine through, along with all the experiences it may have had in its previous roles.

 recycled wood with blue tones

Where to use Recycled wood

Antique wood can look good in everything from flooring to furniture to cabinets, either as an accent or as a whole piece. Some people use recycled wood panels to create statement walls. Others like large, exposed beams or antique floorboards. Shelves are a good starting project if you have not worked with recycled wood before and you want to practice using this material.

Claim your home style

Use recycled wood anywhere to add distinct design to any space. Recycled wood has a unique look that simply cannot be reproduced. No matter how you use it, you will end up with something that is uniquely yours. You will also receive a new home add-on that is green-friendly and good for the planet, not to mention a visual reminder of your amazing DIY skills.

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