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The Goonies Treasure Map: 4 steps (with photos)

Hello never! Are you fans of Goonies? Of course you are! So let's make the map.

First, I have to give Muggle Magic his credit for his excellent Goonies map which can be described here: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Goonies-One-..??1919900900 did Muggle Magic's version of map but there were some things I wanted to do differently. I therefore drew my own vector image of the map by shamelessly plagiarizing his files, as well as adding details from the original fanzine and still images from the movie.

If you had not noticed, more than one version of the map is used in the movie. When we first see it on Walsh's loft, it is very colored with red ink or blood splashes and spilled wax, and it has lots of insensitive text. But when we see it again in the kitchen a few minutes later it looks much cleaner and has dropped squid and extra text; even the tears in the middle are in different positions. I included elements from both maps in my version, plus some custom adjustments. I changed the Spanish puzzles to reflect what they were actually saying in the movie. For example, the original prop read "Cince veces ses" (five times six) but Mouth says "Diez veces diez; ten times ten". At the leg organ he pauses for dramatic effect on the word "muerto" which was not on the original prop, but is on my version. On the back, I also included the chord that Andy mentions: "A, C-sharp, D.".

If you want to change how it looks, you can download my vector files (I used Inkscape to draw it) and tweak them however you want. Note that the file is 32Mb.


  • Printer
  • Quick coffee
  • Hot air gun

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