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The easiest way to clean your room


To clean your room, start by cleaning out the mess in your bed so you can do it. If you haven't changed the sheets in a while, replace them with some new ones. You can also put some decorative pillows or a blanket on your bed to look it up a bit. Then you go around your room and throw all the junk in a trash or trash. Fold or hang up any clean clothes. Throw any dirty clothes into the hammer, or try to put them straight in the washing machine so that they are clean when you are done. Then put away small things that are not in place, such as toiletries, accessories or books. If you do not have a dedicated space for them, put them in a bed drawer or storage bin to keep them organized. You can also put things like books and memorials on a shelf in your room. When you clean, make a pile for things to donate or give away. The smaller the mess you have, the cleaner your room will look! Then use a cloth or a handheld shower to wipe all the surfaces of your room, such as your desk, desk and nightstand. Make sure you remove all small items first so that you can dust them. Open the windows or curtains, and clean the windows and windows if desired. Finish by vacuuming the floor if it is the carpet, or sweep and suck if it is hardwood. In general, try to clean the floor at least once a week to keep your room looking healthy. If you try to motivate yourself to clean your room, try playing your favorite music and dancing when you clean! For more tips from our cleaning co-author, including how to handle larger cleaning projects, read on!

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