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The best way to kill mold in the attic

Mold in the attic (or anywhere for that matter) can pose a health and safety risk – once you detect it, you need to act quickly. Although this pressure can feel overwhelming, there are several ways for you to deal with your mold problem in a DIY way before you have to call a professional.

If you discover advanced mold in the attic, professional help may be your only option. Similarly, if you have pre-existing health conditions such as asthma or other lung or allergy related diseases, it is best to leave the mold killing to someone else. Mold can, when disturbed, release spores into the air, and even if you wear a protective mask, existing health conditions can pose a serious risk.

Causes of mold

While humid and hot climates are a major breeding ground for our blurred friend, other conditions that include mold include lack of ventilation and proper housing. High humidity in a space where a wind can lead to mold and a spill in a carpet in your home that is not taken care of can also lead to mold under the carpet. And just because you can not see that mold does not mean it is not dangerous.

Knowing which climates and structural elements contribute to mold problems can help you know which problem areas to check.

Hydrogen peroxide method

Take three percent hydrogen peroxide ̵

1; which is available in most grocery stores – and put it in a new, clean spray bottle. Generously dose the moldy area (while wearing a mask and gloves) and let the peroxide sit on the mold for at least ten minutes. Once the peroxide is present, wipe off the dead form with a clean cloth and repeat it all over the moldy area. Throw the cloth after use, you do not want to use the moldy cloth all over your home.

You may need to spray more than once or twice to get this method to achieve the desired result.

spray bottle close up spritzing liquid

Vinegar method

Another way to attack mold in the home is with vinegar. Although it is not effective to kill all types of mold, vinegar can kill about eighty percent of the mold types. Take a clean spray bottle and fill it with undiluted vinegar. Use the mold with vinegar and let it sit. Then wipe it off after ten to fifteen minutes. Do this a few more times and then, whenever possible, crack a window so that the smell of vinegar wears out.

Baking soda method

If you have mold in the carpet, bring a spray bottle, some baking soda and a scrubbing brush to the spot. Dissolve one to two tablespoons of baking soda per cup of water in a bottle and spray it on the mold. Then use a scrub brush to process the solution. This will interfere with the mold spores so that you are completely protected with a mask. Let the solution sit for about twenty minutes and then go again. This solution is also useful when it comes to removing mold stains and is safe around pets and children.

small hand cleaning dirty white wall with brush


By far the most popular DIY mold killer is bleach. Mix a cup of bleach in a liter of water and use that solution to attack the mold. While wearing a mask and gloves to protect yourself from both mold and bleach, carefully apply the bleach solution to the moldy area. This solution can cause discoloration on some surfaces, so be careful. If your mold is on a porous surface, add a small spray of Dawn detergent to the mixture. This helps the solution to get into all the cracks and crevices.

If one of these solutions works for you, wait a while before trying another one. And if no solution works to kill your mold problem, you may need to try chemical mold killers.

And while it is a top priority to kill mold in your attic or home, it is important to fix the underlying problem so that the problem does not continue to reappear. If you add a dehumidifier or fix ventilation problems, make sure that the shape of your attic or elsewhere in your home does not reappear.

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