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Terms of trade: What is foil tape?

Formable but still strong, aluminum foil tape provides a wide range of uses and protects areas such as pipes and ducts from moisture, chemicals, flames or weather damage. Foil tape is also useful for reflecting both heat and light, and the material acts as a heat conductor. In general, foil tape is used to guide, seal and protect from various types of damage. An acrylic adhesive is usually used to back foil tape, which helps with its long-lasting performance and ensures a secure bond.

Foil tape properties

Foil tape can be used in temperatures from -65 degrees F to 300 degrees F. It is heat conductive, which makes it useful in heating and cooling applications. Foil tape seals surfaces, prevents the accumulation of dust, and the transfer speed of the damping tongs for foil tape is suitably low to protect against water or air leakage and leakage as well. The aluminum surface of the foil tape reflects light and heat, so sensitive materials can be protected from damage caused by hot spots.

Common uses

Aluminum foil tape is often used as a moisture barrier on household appliances. In addition, with appliances, it is useful to keep wires and / or cooling coils in place. Foil tape is generally used to reflect or dissipate heat and to seal, patch or simply hold things in place, either indoors or outdoors.

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