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Terms of trade: What is an explosion box?

Exploding boxes are handmade gifts made from layers of paper and cardboard. They feature elements of scrapbooking, card making and origami, and often feature photographs, handwritten notes and personalized designs flourishing with a variety of materials.

On the outside, the explosion box looks like all other gift boxes. When their ribbons are pulled or wrapping paper is removed, they begin to fold, bit by bit. They may contain a small physical gift in their center, but the fun part for both donor and recipient is to go through all the little treasures that lie in the overall store ̵

1; from valuable memories to inner jokes to heartfelt feelings.

If you & # 39; From the beginning, you can find printable templates online (or even pre-designed blank, fold-out boxes) and then create your own special creation using anything for pictures and decorations that feel right for the person you're celebrating. It's the thought that counts, and depending on how detailed you choose to get, your handmade blast boxes are among the most thought-provoking gifts you can give.

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