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Take care of your wig: 6 steps

Some synthetic wigs are heat-friendly and can withstand heat between 240 and 350 degrees. How high your wig can tolerate depends on the manufacturer. I have a Raquel Welch wig and the information says its "ideal temperature 240".

Some recommend that you use steam or electric rollers for styling hair, I have not, so I use only curling iron or flat iron. Using a curling or flat iron on a wig is very similar to using it on your own hair. For a flat iron, work in small sections that begin at the roots. For a ripple iron put the hair around the iron and hold it in place for about 10 seconds. Use clips to keep your locks in place when set up. Once the curls have cooled, the clips can be removed and you can set the wig.

It is not recommended to use blisters, and you really do not need to ̵

1; synthetic wigs dry quickly.

Wigs should be styled on their stand, not on the head.

If you don't want to handle any of this, you can always bring it to a hairdresser and have your wig professionally designed.

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