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Sliding clothes dryer under laundry cabinet: 9 steps

Use 1/2 "plywood to cut some spacers / fasteners for the dryer.

Cut (2) pieces for 1/2" plywood to 12 "x 1 1/8".

Place the shortened metal arms on the 1/2 "plywood pieces. Lined the back of the metal arm with the back of the plywood. I used a clamp to hold them in place. Use a pencil to mark on the plywood where the second and last holes are.

I did not have a large enough sink, so I improvised here:

Pinch plywood on a bit of scrap to prevent tearing emissions when drilling.

Drill a 1/4 "hole at each mark on plywood.

Carefully drill / scrape a 1/2 "hole on top of each 1/4" hole. You don't want to get far into plywood. You just want to create a small sink so that the screw head sits calmly. You can even have some luck just by rotating the drill bit for 1

/2 "by hand, without the drilling. , with the original screws.

For the last and other rods, insert 1/2 "plywood into place and fasten them with the longer M1.0-25mm screws.

Note: You should be able to use garden inserts instead of 1/2 "plywood. You will still need to cut them down to 12", but can skip the 1 1/8 "insert. But because they are thicker than 1/2" ", you probably need 30 mm screws.

Now you can set the inner box parts to the plywood and attach with (probably included) 1/4 "wood screws. You may need to use a pencil to mark the holes and drill the pilot holes. Try to center the box element vertically, but stick the trailing edge up to the end of plywood and metal arm.

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