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Simple plate flower: 6 steps

Your metal should now be in the form of a pinwheel without any sharp corners. Then you want to flatten out each pin wheel. The flatterer the better, because you need to attach all your pieces together.

We have a point welder in our store, which is what we use for this step. But we have also used pop rivets and machine screws and nuts before. Popnitar has worked best if we do not notice welds, your pieces will stick together but it will probably be a small wiggle room when your pieces are attached together. Machine screws and nuts can work, but you have to tighten the nut as much as you can, as these tend to come over a little while.

If you are using a mechanical fastener, you must drill a hole in the middle of each piece of metal, which should be labeled comfortably from the X you marked in the last step.

If you use a spot welder, you just want your metal pieces to touch as much as possible where the weld should go.

Before the fortress, I always recommend my students to disperse the petals to give the flower a more natural look. If all the petals are placed directly on top of the flower behind the flower, it does not really look so good when it is finished.

Operation order

  1. Flat out your metal
  2. Attach metal together

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