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Robin Hood costume: 6 steps (with pictures)

The legend of Robin Hood has been around for hundreds of years. Even King Henry VIII knew the legend and in 1510 he and his friends dressed up as Robin Hood and his happy men.

However, it was not until 1883 that Howard Pyle, an American writer and illustrator, would write The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood and give us the gracious prohibition that we know today.

I remember well when I was first introduced to the legend of Robin Hood. I was a very young girl and happened upon the movie The Adventures of Robin Hood. I was immediately struck not only with Robin Hood, but with Errol Flynn, the actor who played in the film. Both Robin and Errol became lifelong romantic fantasies of mine. Much to my mother's ill health …

It's only natural that at some point in my life I would like to dress up and portray one of my favorite heroes.

I present here, my fantasy & costume by Robin Hood. This suit consists of a combination of items that I have either sewed, handmade, found used in thrift stores or bought new on the internet.

I hope you enjoy it and make one yourself. Maybe, create some for your friends and start your own bond with happy men. You're never too old to play!


Basic Sewing Study:


https: / / …


Simplicity pattern M521

4 [19659002] Fabric and performances necessary – see pattern housing

Grosgrain straps

Horn buttons or switches

Leather lacing

Decorative metal bars


Simplicity pattern 4219 ( Optional – what a long-sleeved button shirt with will work)


3 – 3/8 "x 36" spindle bars

Fletching springs

Hot glue gun

Craft paint

Sandpaper [19659002] Craft knife or cutting saw

Sparse or already owned items:

Studded belt [19659002] Boots

] Leggings or stretch trousers [19659002] Long bow (black cord elastic)

Arm protection

Leather belt bag

Purchased items:

Beard (costume design Cosplay Medieval Vintage Faux Leather Quiver—-19659002achte100% Human Hair Fully Hand Tied False Mustache Beard Makeup for Entertainment / Drama / Party / Movie Prop (# 3 Brown)

Mehron Makeup Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover Combo set (. 125 oz)

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