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Rainbow Fairy House Lampa: 12 steps

In this instructions I show you how to create an amazing Rainbow Fairy House with mainly a plastic can, cardboard and a paper slice. It's fun to do and you can use it as a fantastic decoration.


  • Plastic jar (Chocolate drink powder 800g),
  • DAS modeling material 1kg – http://amzn.to/2r5FEHYCardboard
  • ] Cardboard 60x50cm,
  • Transparent plastic film 60x50cm,
  • Plastic bottle,
  • Aluminum foil,
  • Hot glue,
  • Hot glue gun,
  • Acrylic paint,
  • Popstick,
  • Wood stirrer,
  • ,
  • Cutter knife,
  • Clay sculpture tool
  • LED String

Step 1: Create Windows

I start by removing the packaging film. Then I track the windows in all sides of the house. Afterwards I cut through the shapes drawn with a cutter.

Step 2: Cover with paper clip

Step 3: Shape the door

To form the door begins I like to draw a round shape using a cutting tool. Then make five parallel lines surrounded by gaps to get the wood to look at the door.

You can choose the shape of the door you want.

Step 4: Build Windows

As you can see in the attached pictures I made two types of windows. You can use Cutter Cake Decorating to help you see good window shape. For me, I used the heart shape for one of the windows. Then I made the parallel hatch to get the look of the wood using the sculpture tool.

] Step 5: Make the floor

To build the floor, I begin by tracking the drop shape on a 60x50cm board. Then I cut the drawn shape with a cutter. I do the same again to have two identical pieces. I glue these two pieces together with hot glue to strengthen the floor. I surround it with a 3 cm high cardboard. I cut 11 pieces of cardboard with a height of 3cm and a length of 6cm, then I put them on the surface in the order specified in the picture attached.

With a transparent plastic film I build a lid slightly larger than the bottom of the drop shape.

Step 6: Cover with paper clip

Step 7: Build the roof

To get the roof conical form I start by cutting two semi-circular circles in the can plug for passage of the LED string. Then I cut a plastic bottle in half, and I use the upper part and I glue it with the lid with hot glue. I use aluminum foil to make the roof top shape.

Step 8: Cover with paper clamp

After I cover the whole roof with paper clay. Before the clay dries and uses different sizes of corks, I cut several circular shaped windows.

Step 9: Paint

I used acrylic paint for painting . You can also use watercolors and watercolor crayons. It is up to you. Finally, you can seal the paint using a matt spray paint.

Step 10: LED Headlights

Step 11: Finish

Finally I ended with a wonderful house shown in the attached pictures 🙂

Step 12: Clock

To not miss any details and follow the entire instructor's real chain, enjoy watching the video process attached .

I hope you like my instructor. See you!


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