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PVC Rocket Launcher – Rocket Launcher PVC: 11 steps

The last part of our project would be

to get the boot system ignition system to know in which height I must know what height it is considered optimal to place it, you can do it in a simple way since all the articles on water rocket mention that the maximum amount of water is 30% and so has an optimal flight, but since I do not know how high it should be, my rockets are in any case all 3 liters that facilitate, so fill in the bottle with one liter and place it in the launch and call but I know that the bottle I use is not the same as that used by my friends so I did the same with their so I took several samples with it and take an average of 15.3 below the nozzle so that no one complains XD an advantage of having doing this is because the rocket has the same amount of water provided that the excess is released by the same pipe and stored in the pot which, after each shot, is poured the water.

After the measurement, what I did with a tip boiler did a toroid at that height in such a way that you ensure any pressure leaks when you pump air and work as a stop is not as effective as you can lose a few millimeters there but I found not the toroids diameter of the tube I used.

recommendation: instead of using a burner, use a torch or hot air gun that would be more efficient and more accurate

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