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Profibus-DP communication between Arduino and PLC: 9 steps


Profibus was created in 1989 by the German government in collaboration with several manufacturers of automation equipment. It is a message format specifically designed for high speed I / O series in factory and building automation applications. It is an open standard and is recognized as the fastest field bus in operation today.

The PROFIBUS DP network is based on an RS485 physical bearing and the European standard EN-50170. The DP suffix refers to " Decentralized Periphery ", which is used to describe distributed I / O devices connected via a fast serial data link with a central controller.

For more information on Profibus, please read this documentation from Max Felser.


The GSD file is an electronic device datasheet or a database file that identifies the Profibus device. All Profibus units (Class 1

masters and slaves) have their own GSD files. GSD stands for " General Station Description ". It is an ASCII text file that contains device-specific data, such as vendor identification information, supported baud rates, message length, number of input / output data, significance of diagnostic messages, time information, plus supported options and functions, data formats and available I / O data. signals.

In order to commercialize Profibus devices, automation device manufacturers must register the ID numbers for each device and are also in this * .GSD file. You can check at: https://www.profibus.com/products/ident-numbers/ tu 1919900900. If refer to the * .GSD file in Siemens DP / DP switch module at this address.

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