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Principles of Modern Design | DoItYourself.com

Getting a fresh, modern feel in your home begins with an awareness of contemporary design ideas. You do not have to do the whole house again to refresh things. Start with what you have and work on one element or surface at a time. Not long will you have the elegant, nouveau look you've been longing for. You may earn some compliments from your friends and family, but the real reward will be a sense of calm and joy in your place.

Neutral tones

Modern designs tend to have a neutral base. This creates a soothing baseline into a space and gives you the freedom you need to express your style with bright accents that delight you. If you have a space in your home that feels chaotic, give your walls a nice, neutral painting job. Painting the walls is an affordable way to take a space from stimulating to easy and get that nice, neutral feel. You can also use neutral colors for floors and furniture if you want your space to feel gentle and soothing.

  neutral color tones


The core of any good design is functionality. While it may be tempting to live in a completely white, Instagram house, it really is not realistic as it is not functional. Go from room to room in your house and ask yourself what the purpose of the room is. Then ask if the design supports or obstructs that purpose. You will be amazed at what needs to be changed to make your house more functional.

Now functional does not mean ugly. You can still have a beautiful, functional home when you start using the space and add pieces that you love.


One of the most popular trends for homebuilding right now is minimalism. Minimalism allows people and energy in your house to flow naturally from space to space by eliminating clutter and keeping things simple. If you want to minimize your home, you either have to get rid of a lot of your stuff or organize it somewhere out of sight.

Minimalism strives to keep spaces free and open. Try moving furniture against the wall or clearing space to move around a room. Minimalism also tries to create smooth lines throughout the home. Try a textured gallery wall with the same frame six times in two rows, perfectly lined up. The effect increases immediately.

 minimalist living room with stylish lamp and small sofa

Interior / exterior

Modern design also provides parts of the outside world, inside. Add wooden elements to your home, such as a raw wood coffee table or wood floor. You can also add plants as decor. houseplants are not as scary as they sound, and they make really beautiful simple decoration. Pick some beautiful pots and start planting!

You can also bring the soothing colors of your home with furniture, paint and art. Nature looks different all over the world, so look out your window and see what colors are around you. If you live in the desert, bring in the burnt orange of sand or sage green from the cactus. If you live by the sea, go for tans and blues.

Personal Touches

Make sure you add large amounts of to you to the space. Put in elements that make you happy. Art, especially mural art, is a wonderful place to start. Go to a site like Etsy and find art that feels unique and personal before you go to a chain store and buy everything you need. If you feel extra ambitious, try creating some of your own art. When you add elements to your home that feel like you, you feel more personally connected to your space.

Great designers know when to follow the rules and when to break them. Your home is your oasis, and you know it better than anyone else. The most amazing thing about modern design is that almost everything goes when you do it right. Think about how you want your house to feel like a guide to how you want it to look.

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