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Offgrid solar system with battery storage: 6 steps (with pictures)

Once the solar panel is installed, we need to start connecting all the wiring and devices together to make sure everything is working properly. Note We do not want to connect the wiring incorrectly as it can damage the system and cause damage.

So for parts of the list we need:

– MC4 extension cable

– MC4 tool

– Charge controller

– Batteries

– Battery cables

– Battery terminals

19659002 | with white strips with the positives and negatives marked on them. For me the wires were too short so I add another 5 meters of cable leading to a dry area and connecting to other components. Both mc4 connections were linked and the other ends removed to connect to the charge controller.

After running the wire on the ceiling, through a wall and into a pipe, I connected the wires to the charge regulator and to see if everything worked well I tied the wire and fixed the regulator to a piece of wood that I would lay down. From there, I connected the charge control to the large battery and saw if everything works as it should. When I did, I made wires that would connect many smaller batteries and then tie them all together. Since I did not have the right cables, I had to buy pieces and connectors where they would be soldered to make the battery connection.

Finally, I add a battery monitor to see the voltage and see the level before and after charging for monitoring purposes.

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