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Nuka Cola Cap Stash: 4 steps


I'm not the first to have done this project, I was initially inspired to do this project by HASARDU5 & # 39; instructable, I have just done this as a test to see how good I am can make

so, today for my first instructor, I will show you how to make Nuka cola caps, currency for the wasteland! This is just like the HASARDU5 article I have already mentioned.

btw, sorry I will not have many pictures because I made these caps before I even had an instructor account, but I try to include photos and pictures.

If you want a more detailed article, you should check out the HAZARDU5 article, he is also a kiwi, just like me and you should check out his instruction manual


  1. black color and water [1
    9659008] brush
  2. adhesive paper
  3. online Nuka cola labels (made from CC catastrpphe on devian species)

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