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Medieval Scroll & Feather Pen: 9 Steps

The spring or quill pen was a common type of writing tool used in the Middle Ages alongside sugar cane, reed and metal pens. Ancient scrolls were used for formal events that can be published in castles or churches. If you ever wanted to learn how to do either or both continue reading to find out how.


Spring Pen:

– a spring

– exclusive knife or any other sharp knife

– soap (dawn)

– sand (optional)

tin / tray for sand (also optional)

– ink for use to write with (I used a calligraphy bottle)

Ancient Scroll:


1; two 13 "dowels

– 4 wooden wheels / end of a wood coil

– brown wood color

– 11 "with 17" paper

– tea bag

– hot water

– roll top

– hot glue

– leather strap / cord

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