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Make an Easter basket with things around the house

Easter is usually a time for family, friends and celebrations. Generations have celebrated the holiday as a moment to focus on rebirth symbolized by caring animals such as baby rabbits and chickens. In many traditions, one of the usual Easter pleasures is the arrival of a gift basket from the Easter Bunny that is released into houses around the world.

As we write this article during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020, there are many uncertainties about holidays, including interrupted church services, home-home orders and a command to avoid gatherings outside your immediate family. With social distance in place, the traditional Easter basket can be difficult to obtain, so we have put together some ideas that will make you jump to the smiles of the holiday without leaving the house.

Step 1
– Find a Basket

Think outside the basket on this one. You can use a box, gift bag or popcorn bowl. Think of a colander, fruit basket or storage container. If you look around, you will probably find small shopping bags, baskets you use for other things, cloth cases or a cute waste basket. You can even use a scarf or other fabric to make a gift backpack.

 colored tissue paper

Step 2 – Clean and Prep

Clean your "basket" and line it with a plastic bag, tissue or fabric sheet. If you have some paint, you can change the color and add stickers, hand art, stamping, decoupage or stenciling. If you do not have colorful shredded plastic in the bottom of your basket, simply create colorful shredded paper instead. It is simple with a paper sprayer, manual paper cutter or scissors. Other options include crumpled paper, cellophane, raffia or even straw. Get creative!

Step 3 – Make some sugary snacks

No Easter basket is complete without some sweets, and there is no need to rely on pre-packaged sweets when you can make your own goodies. Dig out the cookies, make brownies, toss together some rice Krispies sweets, bake muffins, mix up some drip cookies, roll up peanut butter balls, dip pretzels or pull out grandma's recipes for homemade clubs.

 old-fashioned home-made clubs

Step 4 – Find or craft gifts

Although you may feel frustrated if you have trouble getting your hands on candy and ready-made toys, celebrate the opportunity to simplify and maybe even create a new tradition. Books are always a winning choice for gifts of all ages. For children, you can print a coloring book and staple it in a book. Use the same technology for a workbook or puzzle playbook. You probably already have crayons and crayons around the house so sharpen them up and wrap them again to get them back.

For an outdoor delight, make your own bubble mix with dish soap. Try six cups of water in combination with a cup of corn syrup. Gently stir in two cups of liquid detergent. In another recipe, two cups of warm water, 1/4 cup of detergent, one-quarter ounce packet of gelatin and two tablespoons of glycerine are used. Lots of things can serve as the frame that blows bubbles, such as a pipe cleaner, metal hanger, apple slice or measuring stick for pasta.

Be sure to bring some home-made toys. It's easy to do and provides hours of fun. Find our recipe here .

If you really dig DIY vibe, go into the wood shop and create a classic wooden toy for the tote. Cut out a car or truck, put together some dollhouse furniture or create a rubber band or marshmallow shooter. You can even place a board in an old picture frame and fill it with a layer of chalk paint for an instant mini board. If you are more of a stitch type, make your own sock monkey or other stuffed love. You can also use pieces of fabric to make a bean bag toss games, fill them with beans or rice.

To take advantage of the simple paper craft. Include paper with instructions for making paper airplanes or practicing the old origami art. Even better, go old school with a "pick your answer" fortune game from folded paper. Print instructions and rewards and then fold it up to create the game.

Whether you are looking for ways to simplify the season or are challenged in light of the extreme mitigating circumstances surrounding Easter 2020, let this be the year your imagination floats

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