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Make a Flying Origami Dragon !: 4 Steps

Start with a simple piece of square paper. The lighter the paper, the better the kite will fly in the end. In this example, I used a piece of standard paper. If you are using printer paper like I did in these photos, make sure you cut the paper in one square before you start folding your kite.

Once you have your square paper, you are ready to start folding. Make sure your paper is oriented like the photo shown above. Begin with a horizontal fold toward the bottom of the paper, as above.

Then fold the paper to the left. It should form a thick triangle with two layers. When you have done this step, unfold the top layer and make it stand up vertically, as in the image shown.

When your stock is up, open the stock that stands up. Note: Be careful when opening this layer, as the lower layer may develop with it. When the top layer is fully opened, flatten the entire layer down to a diamond shape. When done, the paper should currently look like a diamond with a sideways "tail", as seen in the image above.

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