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Leoncito 3D mold: 11 steps

Below we show you the following procedures to be able to develop a mold of a special design to your taste and style.

In our case you will see a procedure with a lion … with the actions and programs given.

After reviewing all instructions, you see that it is very easy to make some kind of mold size with your favorite design …

Step 1 : Material: leoncito 3d

To develop our lion 3D, we need the following material:

* Silicone with component A

* A pot with water

* A spoon

* One pyrex

* A pyrex

* A pyrex


Step 2: Procedure Iento: 1

First, we download a design program called Fusion 360 where we can develop accurate measurements that the thickness writes broderdiam the ether etc … but inside we need to create ourselves

Step 3: Step: 2.

] In this step we go further in the model of the 3D lion so we go to Goggle and looking for a picture, but in this case we are looking for a lion face in pdf to make it easier for us. Then we save it in a folder where we can upload it to Fusion 360.

Step 4: Step: 3

After saving the picture in a folder we look for OPC I open where we can design our design for our exact measurements and we will be ready to work.

After opening our design, we changed the action that would be:

A measure of 50 cm wide.

A measurement of 50 cm high.

Step 5: Step 4

After setting the measurements, we look for Line options where we have to pull the whole the edge of our design, but all the parts, for that way we can extrude it …

After delimiting the entire design and we can start extruding our lion with the option extrude a little after a small. …

Step 6: Step: 5

After making the line and extruding the options, we started make a staggered way in our desired figure which makes it possible for us to be bigger the smaller the picture to end in order to be able to make a background in our mold …

And so we work with the line every layer of our lion as to example we have eyes, mouth, ears, hair and nose)

Step 7: Step: 6

After working on our project in Fusion 360, we will make our delicious chocolate but before we have to send it in our 3D printer, we must save our work and send it to a computer that is synchronized with our 3D printer or just go to a place where they have one.

The approximate time when the 3D printer for the cut takes approximately 1 hour or less varies with time depending on whether the image is very small or large while it is longer …

Step 8: Step: 7 ” src=”https://cdn.instructables.com/FU4/0HT7/JX16DEV6/FU40HT7JX16DEV6.LARGE.jpg” width=”350″ height=”350″/>  Picture of step: 7   Picture of step: 7   Picture of step: 7   Picture of steps: 7

After stopping the 3D printer, we started with the following:

Mix the two types of silicone of component A and component B to make them difficult.

We need to move about 3 minutes so that the silicone does not dry.

Then we empty it in our warehouse from the 3D printer and wait about 5 minutes to dry and beat it from the base so that our silicone does not deform …

Step 9: Step: 8

After drying it is time to remove the chocolate for to digest it:

Important information:

* The chocolate must be a chocolate casing (bitel).

* When you start to heat the water, be careful.

* Always wear a glove or something that covers you from the heat without harming you.

Step 10: Step: 9

To be able to melt the chocolate we must heat pot with water and with pyrexen expecting it to warm up a little after it has melted, we have to empty it in our form sometimes

wait until our delicious chocolate dries

Approximate time: about 30 minutes ..

Step 11: Step: 10

When the 30 minutes are ending we move it out a little after a little while without destroying our chocolate ..

and we have already learned how to make a mold and eat a rich chocolate without having to buy it … [19659004] I hope you like this job because it's dema It was simple and simple …. .


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