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Lechon Pork Belly: 6 steps

Lechon is a widespread cooking method here in the Philippines. Essentially, it is to fry an entire animal (pig, cow, goat, chicken is common) over charcoal. Of course, the ditch often dictates when they are often served, from lechon manok (whole grilled chicken) is a common almost daily bowl lechon de leche sucking pig) is served regularly in certain restaurants, lechon baboy (whole fried pig) on ​​special occasions and lechon baka (whole roast) for those who want to become even more extravagant

In many rural towns in the Philippines, families would buy a pig to be raised for a whole year so that they can get a lechon baboy on the cartridge's holiday. Now it is definitely not a matter for most urban families who want lechon baboy on their special occasions. There have been solutions to this, with restaurants specializing in lechon selling / serving chopped pieces per kilo.

Of course, some business people have come up with other options. Lechon Pork Belly enables a city dweller, even those living in condos, to have a lechon. And since it gets pork belly, you avoid the chance to get the smoother and drier parts from when you buy it with kilos from the restaurants I mentioned above

Note that as so many things that move on interwebs, this is my thought of this dish. Thus, it may or may not have any resemblance to others out there.

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