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How to write a good crossword

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A good handwritten crossword is one that has a series of simple, medium and difficult clues. The simple ones can get started, while the medium is the puzzle bread and butter. Some tough tests really test your brain power and get you thinking.

These days, unfortunately, the art of good crossword writing is dying because too many wannabe crossword compilers buy some of the programs available on the internet to generate puzzles with their generic glossaries. , leading to a poor quality puzzle that is often seen in newspapers these days.

A good crossword will often be themed to some extent, either with long clues about a particular topic, or perhaps a phrase somewhere embedded in the puzzle. [1

9659004] When creating a puzzle, it is best to put your long words first and then fill them in, because the longest clues are often the most difficult to place because of their length and the number of transitions they will have.

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