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How to wrap with tissue paper

If you have a couple of paper papers and some tape, you're ready to wrap a gift! Use 2-3 sheets of tissue so that you cannot see the cover of your gift and fold the tissue over the sides of the present before attaching the paper with tape. Squeeze in the middle of a sheet of tissue and pull it through the air to easily add it to a gift bag instead. Attach a card or embellishments like bows to make your gift really stand out.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Wrapping a box of tissue paper

  1. Load 2-3 pieces of tissue on top of each other on a table. Pick out several pieces of tissue, either in one color or in several different colors. Spread them out on a flat surface and place them evenly on top of each other. [1]
      Wrap with tissue paper Step 1.jpg
    • If you put several pieces of tissue on top of each other, you will prevent your gift from looking through the paper.
    • Select pieces of tissue that are not too wrinkled to get a smooth look.
  2. Place your gift in the center of the tissue to check the size. Pull the sides of the tissue over the gift so that it is large enough to cover each side. If your tissue is too large, either cut it with scissors or fold the excess over the edges. [2]
      Wrap with tissue paper Step 2.jpg
    • Put the gift down on the tissue with the face down.
  3. Fold an edge on the tissue around and over the top of the gift. When the gift is placed on the tissue, fold a border of the tissue over the gift tightly. Hold this edge in place that covers one side of the gift so that it does not fall off. [3]
  4. Pull the opposite edge over the top of the first edge and secure it with tape. While still holding the first edge in place, you also take the opposite edge of tissue to the top of the gift and place it over the first. Tape down the edge so it stays in place on the gift. [4]
    • For a cleaner look, fold the opposite edge of the tissue along its length and create a nice stitch before placing it on top of the other edge.
    • Use duplex tape if you do not want the tape to be visible.
  5. Fold the ends of the wrapped present against each other to form straight folds. With the tissue wrapped around your gift, all that is left is the two ends. Bring each edge of the tissue to the center of each side and create folds along the gift so that the tissue is flat. Use tape to secure the ends. [5]
    • If your gift is awkwardly shaped, consider gathering each end of the present and tying them with ribbons instead.
  6. Decorate the tissue with ribbons or embellishments if desired. Use the ribbon to tie a bow on the wrapped gift, or stick it on a prewar bow for a quick finish. Get creative by drawing on the tissue with markers or pens, or add stickers to the tissue for a unique design. [6]
      Wrap with tissue paper Step 6.jpg
    • If, for example, the gift is for someone's birthday, Draw birthday balloons on the tissue with colorful markers.
    • Add tissue paper pumpkins to your gift for a creative dot. Place 3 sheets of tissue on a flat surface. Choose tissue in any color you want. Lay them flat on top of each other with their edges lined up. [7]
        Wrap with tissue paper Step 7.jpg
      • If you choose lighter colors such as yellow or white, you may need to use more than 3 sheets to make sure you cannot see the gift through the paper.
    • Place your item at the top of the tissue. Put your gift down just below the top edge of the tissue. Place it in the middle so that you have the same amount of tissue on both sides of the gift as you can tie the ends. [8]
    • Roll the object in the tissue all the way down to the bottom edge. Hold the upper edge of the tissue in place against the object and gently roll the object into the tissue against the bottom of the paper. Move slowly to create a harder roll and keep the object centered in the tissue. [9]
      • If your object is oddly shaped, it can be difficult to keep it perfectly centered in the tissue as you scroll, and that's okay.
    • Fold down the edge of tissue to create a long crease. This is not required, but it will make your packing job more attractive. Fold the lower edge of the tissue down to your gift which goes along the entire length. Finish by rolling the gift so that the folded edge is placed on top of the roll. [10]
    • Secure the rolled tissue edges with tape. Hold the tissue damper in place on the roller with your fingers, place a piece of tape along this edge so that the roller does not come off. Place several pieces along the tissue roll if your gift is long. [11]
      • Use double-sided tape if you do not want the tape to be visible.
    • Use ribbon to tie off the end of each open tissue paper. Pick out ribbons that match your tissue and cut it into threads that are about long. Feel tissue to find the edges of your gift, and tie the tissue with tape to secure the gift in place. [12]
      • Tie your ribbon to a bow at each end, or use scissors to create curls if using curling bands.

[ Edit ] Insert tissue paper into a bag

  1. Wrap the gift in a layer of tissue before placing it in the bag, if needed. If your gift is fragile or you just want it covered, wrap it in a piece of white or colored tissue and place it in the bag. The gift does not need to be packed perfectly, just as long as the tissue covers it. [13]
      Paint with tissue paper Step 13.jpg
    • If you are worried about the gift falling out of the tissue, use tape to secure it.
    • Wrap extra fragile items in several sheets of paper.
  2. Spread out 1-4 sheets of paper depending on the size of your gift bag. If you add tissue to a small bag designed for something like a gift card or jewelry, you will probably only need 1 piece of tissue. Larger bags can be used anywhere from 2-4 pieces of tissue. Spread the tissue so that each piece folds flat. [14]
      Paint with tissue paper Step 14.jpg
    • Cut your piece of tissue in half for super small bags.
  3. tissue paper in a fan pattern if you use multiple sheets. Instead of placing a bunch of pieces directly on top of each other, all lined up, the pieces are fanned out on top of each other in a circle so that the corners of each paper are visible. This adds volume and creates a beautiful tissue display. [15]
    • If your tissue is one-sided, place the page with the color or pattern face down so that it will be seen.
  4. Pinch the middle of the tissue and gently wave it through the air. Grasp the piece or tissue in the middle with your fingers, gently lifting the paper in a fast motion so that the ends point in one direction. Be careful not to pull the paper too hard in the air, as it may tear. [16]
    • Squeezing the center of the tissue helps create the flower-like imagery after the tissue ends stick out.

    [19659009] Insert tissue into the bag to show the sharp points. Hold the squeezed part of the tissue and place the paper in the bag so that the dots stick out from it evenly. Play around with the tissue paper and adjust it until you are happy with how it looks. [17]

    • Leave enough tissue out of the bag so you can see its colors.
  5. Add embellishments such as gift tags or bows if desired. Tie a gift tag on the handle of the bag, or use tape to attach a premade bow to make the bag look extra festive. Don't forget to put your card in the bag too, if needed! [18]
      Wrap with tissue paper step 18.jpg
    • Instead of using a premade bow, consider tying your own bow on the bag's handle with ribbons in a color that matches tissue.

[ Edit ] Things You Need

[ Edit ] Wrapping a Box with Tissue Paper [19659058] Weaving Paper (2-3 pieces) [19659009] Scissors (optional)
  • Tape
  • Tape or embellishments
  • [ Edit ] Using Candy Wrapper Technique

    • Tissue paper (3 sheets)
    • Tape [19659009] Ribbon
    • Scissors

    [ Edit ] Putting tissue paper into a bag

    • Tissue paper (1-5 sheets) [19659009] Scissors (optional)
    • Gift certificate (optional)
    • Bow (optional)

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