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How to wrap presents without ribbons

Taking the time to wrap a gift is a great way to show someone you care. However, it can be frustrating to start wrapping up only to realize that you have no band on hand. Fortunately, there are some ways you can wrap a gift without using any ribbon. With just a little effort you can wrap a gift beautifully without origami-style tape, or use a tape, stickers, glue or nail polish to secure the wrapping.
. a lot of paper you need. Measure one of the longer sides of the gift box with a ruler or tape measure. Then measure how high the gift box is and multiply this number by 2. Add these measurements together to get the length you need to cut the wrapping paper to wrap the box without tape. [1]

  Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 1.jpg
  • If you load a square box, you can measure any of the pages because they are the same length.
  • Cut the wrapping paper in square to size. Cut the wrapping paper so that all four sides measure the length needed to cover the longest sides of the box. Although the gift box is rectangular, you need to cut the wrapping paper into a large square to make the folds more even. [2]
      Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 2.jpg
    • You essentially cut the wrapping paper into a very large origami paper, which is almost always square.
  • Place the gift box face down on the wrapping paper. First, lay the wrapping paper on a flat surface and make sure the decorative side is facing down. Then place the gift box in the center of the wrapping paper with the top of the box facing down. Finally, flip the gift box so that the corners of the wrapping paper are aligned with the center on the corresponding side of the gift box. [3]
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  • Fold one of the long flaps over the gift box. If you insert a rectangular box, first fold the corresponding flap over one of the longer sides so that the corner of the wrapping paper is on top of the box in the middle. If you put in a square box, you can first fold up one of the flaps. Run your finger along the edge to make a crease and even out the crease so it will stay in place better. [4]
      Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 4.jpg
  • Lift the 2 side tabs and fold them over the top. Place your hand under one of the flaps on either the left or right side of the box. Lift up the paper to fold the flap over the drawer edge and place it on top of the one you have already folded. [5] Run your finger along the edge to get a crease and hold the door in place. [19659018] Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 5.jpg "src =" https://www.wikihow.com/images ener/0/04/Wrap-Presents-Without-Tape-Step-5.jpg/aid11399485-v4 -728px-Wrap-Presents-Without-Tape-Step-5.jpg "width =" 728 "height =" 546 "class =" whcdn "/>
    • Repeat this process to fold the other side flap on top of it as well first flap.
    • If the folded tabs will not stay in place, you may need to use a paper weight or heavy object, such as a book, to temporarily hold them in place.
    • The side flaps should meet in the middle of the box and create a "v" shape. They can meet in the middle exactly or overlap slightly – both ways will work well.
  • Fold the last flap up over the top of the box. The flap should be on top of the 3 flaps you have already put together Run your finger along the edge to fold the paper by the fold and smooth it out. [6]
      Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 6.jpg
  • Tuck t he corner of the last flap under the side flaps. Hold the last flap down on top of the box and note where the flap meets the edges of the side flaps. Lift the last door slightly and fold it over so that the crease extends upwards where the tab meets the edges of the side flaps. Then use your fingers to drop the folded corner of the final flap under the side flaps and push it back towards itself. [7]
      Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 7.jpg
    • Once the tab is properly attached underneath, your gift should remain wrapped on its own.
    • If the wrapping paper spokes at all, run your finger along all edges again to flatten the folds even more.
  • [ Edit ] Secure the cover with other objects

    1. Tie a strap around the now to hold the wrapping paper in place. Place a tape on a flat surface. Wrap the gift as you usually do while the folds at the edges are sharp so the paper stays in place while you work. Place the box on the strap in the middle so that the top faces down. Fold the strips on each side of the box and twist them around each other in the middle. Then wrap the tape around the other sides. Turn the box and pull on the straps to meet in the middle and then fasten them with a bow. [8]
        Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 8.jpg
      • You may need another person to help you hold the wrapping paper in place until you can secure it with a tape.
      • Instead of ribbons, you can also use yarn or string.
    2. Apply stickers along the edges to secure the wrapping in place. Choose a set of at least three stickers for the holiday or theme. Wrap the gift that you normally use stickers to secure the paper in place where you would normally use tape. [9]
        Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 9.jpg
      • Add some additional stickers to the top of the gift to make it more decorative and fun.
      • If the stickers you use are small or not very sticky, you probably need to use more on the pages to hold the paper in place.
    3. Use glue to secure the wrapping instead of tape. Cut the wrapping paper in size while placing a few extra inches on each side so that the paper overlaps. Place the box on top of the paper and first fold up two opposite sides. Place one side down and place a stick of glue in the middle along the edge. Immediately press the second flap on top and hold it in place for about 10 seconds. Then fold up and unpack each of the sides of the gifts and attach with glue in the same way. [10]
        Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 10.jpg
      • Allow the glue to dry completely before giving your gift away.
      • Using a hot glue gun probably works best for thicker wrapping paper. A glue stick or regular glue tube probably works on thinner wrapping paper.
    4. Paint nail polish along the edges to hold the paper in place. Wrap the gift as you would normally do with wrapping paper. When you fold up each of the tabs, paint the nail polish along the edge of the paper on top. Hold it in place for about 2 minutes to allow the Polish time to dry. [11]
        Wrap Presents Without Tape Step 11.jpg
      • If you want it to be invisible, you can use clear nail polish, or a polish in the same color as the wrapping paper.
      • Add some extra decor to your gift with a glitter, glow-in-the-dark or colorful polish. [12]

    [ Edit ] Tips

    • If you do not have cover paper, you can also use newspapers, magazines or pages from a large book to pack without tape.
    • You can also use a gift bag and tissue for a simple alternative to wrapping with paper and tape.
    • If you have some non-traditional types of tape, such as wasabi tape, electrical tape, duct tape or packaging tape, you can also use them instead of regular tape.

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