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How to Win at Kick Ups

Kick ups, also called keepie-uppies, are the practice of juggling a football with feet, thighs and head. It is a great way to practice ball control and is also a workout. Winning in competing kick-ups with friends or teammates requires consistent practice and using techniques such as watching the ball, getting into a bike and knowing where the ball should go. You can get good at the basics first, solidify your skills and style and then focus yourself on the profits.

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Perfects the basics

  1. Play the ball on the thigh. Although football mainly uses the feet, beginners at kick-ups should master using the thighs first as it is a little easier than foot juggling. The ball should hit the flat surface of the thigh, not anywhere on the knee. Drop the ball to your thigh, bounce it once and catch it. Do this with enough reps to get the motion down before going into multiple bounce.
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  2. Use foot over foot on string. When the thighs are fertilized, integrate your feet. Drop the ball and contact that toe starts. Keep your toes pointed slightly up so that the ball bumps up rather than forward.
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    • If you extend your toes to point forward, the ball is more likely to jump away from you.
    • Start with one bounce at a time by the foot and make sure the ball goes straight up. When you get good at keeping the ball straight, go for more kicks in a row.
  3. Start using your non-dominant foot. Most have a dominant foot, and it's easier to let that foot do all the work, but the players who are best at kick-ups will be equally strong with both feet. Once you are good with your dominant foot, you start practicing just as hard with your other foot.
      Win at Kick Ups Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    • This will give your dominant foot a break during competing kicks and give you more options to get a pattern going.
  4. Start the ball up to your head with either your foot or thigh. Kicking the ball with just the right power up to the head is difficult and takes time to perfect. When kicking the ball in the air it should be just in front of the head so you have to lean forward a little to hit it. The ball should bounce from the flat part of the head rather than the forehead.
      Win at Kick Ups Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    • Work on hitting the ball straight up from the head rather than forward or backward. [19659011] Moving the ball from the foot to the head can be a little easier than from the thigh to the head because you can get more power with the foot.

[ Edit ] Building Your Kick Ups Skills

  1. Practice consistently. Beating others at kick-ups means being consistently better than them, which is only achieved by practicing. You should practice kick-up techniques every day to build strength in your bones and to create muscle memory for the juggling movement of the ball. One way to practice is to set a certain time limit for which you have to work with the skills and then increase this time a little each day.
      Win at Kick Ups Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    • Try to go for 10 seconds straight or for 10 reps without dropping the ball. Set a goal like this and then when you reach it, set a new, slightly higher goal.
  2. Find the movement that works best for you. Being comfortable with juggling helps you win kick-ups more often, so if a certain way of moving feels better, do it. Some people like to move the foot at the ankle to open the ball, while others prefer something to extend the knee to kick at the ball. You can even move your bent leg up and down at the hip. [1]
      Win at Kick Ups Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • Try using each method for a few minutes and see which one feels most natural to you. Then you become proficient in that style.
  3. Do wells to get the technology just right. You can't start with the goal of getting 50 bounces on the first try. Bounces the ball off the ground and kicks it up once in your hands. Drop it again and kick it twice, with a bounce between them, before catching it. Then kick it twice without bounce and catch it. This progression helps get the exact movement right before it goes too long. [2]
      Win at Kick Ups Step 7 Version 2.jpg
    • You want the ball to go straight up after kick without too much spin, so if you make a kick and it doesn't go straight up, stay on that step in the drill until you can kick it straight up. This gives you a foundation to build on.
    • You can build on this basic drill by moving it from one foot to the other, going from foot to head back to the thigh, or doing 10 reps on the foot, then 10 on the thigh, then 10 on the head. The goal of drills is to get the technique right on a few reps before trying to take the most reps.

[ Edit ] Staying in the Zone

  1. See the bowl. It may feel like keeping an eye on the ball makes you seem weak, but it is the most effective way to keep the ball going. You may think that your foot or legs were placed perfectly for a pass up to your head, but watching the ball helps you know for sure. Where the ball goes will tell if you have the right technique or not. [3]
      Win at Kick Ups Step 8 Version 2.jpg
    • You can practice juggling the ball without looking, pushing yourself, but when you play to win, you will Watching give you an extra advantage over your opponent.
  2. Focus on your balance. Kick ups require you to be on your feet for an extended period of time, so having an exceptional balance is a useful aspect to master. If you swing everywhere with each kick, you have less control over where the ball goes. Work hard to maintain upright posture and just move enough to keep the ball moving. [4]
      Win at Kick Ups Step 9.jpg
    • A good way to practice is to just stand on one foot for as long as you can while staying up and not swinging. Once you can stand still for a long time you will be able to practice the kick.
  3. Move the ball through a pattern. Some people who play kick-ups move the ball randomly and react constantly to wherever the ball goes. You can win by having more control than your opponent. Move the ball in a pattern using each body part. If you move the ball in a pattern, you know exactly where it goes rather than guessing. [5]
      Win at Kick Ups Step 10.jpg
    • A good pattern can be right foot, left foot, left thigh, right thigh, head. Or you can go up the right side and down the left side by cycling right foot, right thigh, head, left thigh, left foot. The goal is to plan ahead where you pass the ball to.

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