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How to wear a red blazer

Wearing red can be a dilemma! Many people get away with this bright color, but it is more versatile than you think. Adding a red blazer to your wardrobe gives you a statement piece that makes you stand out. If you have a red blazer that you have been dying to wear but you are not sure how, use neutral colors to make your blazer pop, keep it classy by dressing it up or daring and pairing it with a completely red outfit.

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[ Edit ] Styling Casually for Women

  1. Wear a white blouse with dark wash jeans for a classic look. Red blazers match well with dark colors, and they will stand out on top of bright. For a classic look, pair dark skinny jeans and a white shirt. [1]
      Wear a red blazer Step 1.jpg
    • This can also be a handsome look for July 4th.
    • Try a white blouse with ruffles on the front and light wash jeans for a modern look on this look.
  2. Contrast your red blazer with white cigarette pants. To make your blazer stand out, wear skinny white cigarette pants and a white shirt. This look works best in the summer when the sun is out. [2]
      Wear a red blazer Step 2.jpg
    • Add a white hat or sunglasses to complete this outfit.
  3. Enhance your look by wearing a completely red suit. If you want to be bold, pair your red blazer with a pair of wide-legged red pants and a red pointed top. Add red accessories and high heels to stand out even more. [3]
      Use a Red Blazer Step 3.jpg
  4. Use animal print scarves to spice up your look. Warm scarves in winter or thin scarves in spring can give a fun accent to your outfit. Try using leopard or cheetah cloths to liven up your red blazer and jeans look. [4]
      Wear a Red Blazer Step 4.jpg
    • You can also add animal print with a large bracelet or a pair of high heels. [19659009] Pressure like zebra or giraffe does not work as well with a red blazer.

[ Edit ] Create a dress with a feminine look

  1. Get your blazer to work by wearing dark slacks. If you want to wear your blazer to a professional place, pair it with dark slacks and elegant high heels. Wear a neutral top that fits well with your pants. [5]
      Wear a red blazer Step 5.jpg
    • White, navy and gray blouses look professional and will go well with your red blazer.
    • Use a dark colored handbag to complete this look.
  2. Wear a dress under your blazer for a fashion-forward office look. You can pair your blazer with a dress in the office to look elegant and professional. Either match your dress to the red on the blazer, or choose a contrasting solid color, like navy or charcoal. [6]
      Use a red blazer step 6.jpg
    • Add a statement necklace and a large handbag to complete this look.
  3. Create an elegant outfit with everything black under your blazer. Pair your red blazer with black pants and a black shirt if you want to look stylish and formal. Add some black high heels to wear this to an event or office. [7]
      Wear a red blazer Step 7.jpg
    • Add a statement necklace or large handbag to break up the monochromatic element of this outfit.
  4. Use patterned pants to dress up your blazer. Choose pants with large patterns, such as dots or stripes, to add an interesting element to a chic look. Try patterns that are neutral in color so they don't clash with your blazer. [8]
      Wear a red blazer step 8.jpg
    • Black pants with white dots are an instant match with a red blazer.

[ Edit ] Making Casual Looks for Men

  1. Use lightweight fabrics to wear your blazer during the day. Pair your blazer with fabrics like cotton and linen to wear your blazer during the day. More fitted fabrics will enhance your look, so if you want to keep it relaxed, choose less molding material. [9]
      Wear a Red Blazer Step 9.jpg
    • Classic t-shirts with v-necked cotton go well with blazers in a relaxed environment.
  2. Use your red blazer with a t-shirt and jeans to keep it relaxed. A red blazer may seem like an intense piece to wear, but if you want to keep it relaxed, pair it with a neutral t-shirt and jeans. Casual jeans give you an even more relaxed look. [10]
      Wear a red blazer Step 10.jpg
    • White t-shirts will make your red blazer pop, while gray and blue will be more subtle.
  3. Pair your blazer with neutral colors to make it stand out. If you want to pay attention to your blazer, wear dark-colored pants or jeans and a gray shirt or button down. Everyone will look at your blazer while admiring the completeness of your look. [11]
      Wear a red blazer step 11.jpg
  4. Choose an oversized blazer for a streetwear look. If you want a fashion forward streetwear look, buy a red blazer that is a few sizes too big. Pair it with casual jeans and clumsy shoes to make this look. [12]
      Wear a red blazer step 12.jpg
    • Roll up the sleeves of your blazer so they don't look comical and instead look trendy.
    • Add some black pants instead of jeans to elevate your streetwear look.

[ Edit ] Building Classy Masculine Outfits

  1. Make your look stylish with a neutral tie and light slacks. If you want to wear your blazer for a wedding or work event, pair it with a neutral colored tie and light slacks. This way, your blazer will stick out while still looking classy. [13]
      Wear a red blazer Step 13.jpg
    • Avoid wearing dark colored slacks with your red blazer. This can cause your outfit to collide.
  2. Choose an all red suit to be bold. If you go to a formal event and want to stand out, pair your red blazer with red pants to complement your full suit. Add a dark blue or brown tie and neutral shoes to bring out this look. [14]
      Wear a red blazer Step 14.jpg
    • The shirt you wear can be either patterned or neutral, as long as it goes with your tie.
    • Make sure your suit is in the same red shade.
  3. Stand out with a patterned red blazer. Checkered or checkered red blazers will pay attention to your outfit and help you stand out at events. Wear a full patterned suit, or pair your patterned red blazer with fully colored khakis. [15]
      Wear a red blazer step 15.jpg
  4. Use a white button down to make your red blazer pop. Red on white creates a striking, head-turning look. Wear a crisp white knit sweater under your red blazer without a tie to contrast it well. [16]
      Wear a red blazer step 16.jpg
    • Pair this with dark wash jeans or dark colored khakis.

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