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How to wear a mesh top

A mesh top is a fun and interesting staple to add to your wardrobe. Depending on the style you choose, they can dress up for a fun night out, wear a casual outfit, or even styled for school or work. Whatever you choose, a mesh or clean top is a great way to show a small skin without feeling bar.

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    Edit Make your Mesh Top Professional

    1. Layer a loose mesh top over a white button-up. Perhaps you want your machine top to a professional attitude, such as the school or the office. You can make this style more appropriate by putting it over a more conservative top, such as a button up oxford.
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      • When you put on, make sure the mesh bar is loose enough to avoid uncomfortable bundling and wrinkles underneath. [1]
    2. Use color blocking to trick the eye. Pair a white or black mesh sweater with a solid light colored blazer or jacket. This will draw attention away from the machine certificate. [2]
        Use a Mesh Top Step 2.jpg
      • Make sure you have a mask stop with very narrow openings so it is not too clean or revealing.
      • Use a bra that has the same color as the mask top, so it is not so noticeable. [3]
    3. Think of a top with clean panels. Maybe a whole mask shirt is for revealing at the moment. There are many tops that have clean panels either on the shoulder, arms, back or sides.
        Use a Mesh Top Step 3.jpg
      • Blue accents add texture and visual interests to more conservative peaks. Just make sure they are placed strategically so as not to show too much skin in a professional environment. [4]
    4. Choose a mesh cardigan. Perhaps a clean top is unsuitable for your workplace. You can instead choose a mesh cardigan to wear over a professional outfit you already own. Cardigans are available in all silhouettes and lengths, so there are plenty of styles to choose from. They can be crops, waist length or even floor length.
        Use a Mesh Top Step 4.jpg
    5. Connect your mask stop with professional bottoms. Use pants or a long pencil skirt with your mask stop to make your outfit a little more conservative in the office.
        Use a Mesh Top Step 5.jpg
      • Try to tuck into your mask stop for an even more professional look.

    Edit Keep your Mesh Top Casual

    1. Cradle a sports bah under your mask stop. A sports bra will give you the mask size you have a sporty feel. Try different colors to make your look bright and interesting.
        Use a Mesh Top Step 6.jpg
      • To keep your look relaxed, attach your mask stop with some sporty bottoms, such as leggings, sweaters or joggers.
    2. Use a mask stop over a crop. Maybe you want to rock a crop, but don't feel comfortable showing your stomach. Throwing a clean top over it is a neat and relaxed solution to this dilemma. [5]
        Use a Mesh Top Step 7.jpg
    3. Connect a mesh sweater with blue jeans. A mesh sweater is perfect for mild weather. It will keep you warm while at the same time getting some air to pass. They look comfortable and casual with a pair of jeans. [6]
        Use a Mesh Top Step 8.jpg
    4. Use casual shoes to finish the look. Keep your look relaxed and comfortable with sneakers, flats, sandals or boots.
        Wear a Mesh Top Step 9.jpg

    Edit Create a Party Look

    1. Choose a mask stop with embellishment. Mesh tops with embellishments like beads, lace, embroidery and trim give a mesh top a fun, stylish look. It will give the illusion of more coverage and make clean fabrics feel less naked. [7]
        Use a Mesh Top Step 10.jpg
    2. Use a lace tray underneath. Show off your sweet good while you party without feeling naked. A black lace bra looks great under a clean mounted mesh top.
        Use a Mesh Top Step 11.jpg
    3. Connect your mask stop with the net bottom. Use some fish jerseys under a skirt with your mask stop for a bold party.
        Use a Mesh Top Step 12.jpg
      • Finish the outfit with matching heels or wedges that complement your outfit.
    4. Accessories with funny jewelry. Choose some jewelry that complements your look. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings will all look good with a mask stop. Stick with your own personal style.
        Use a Mesh Top Step 13.jpg

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