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How to wear a bucket hat

After initially gaining popularity in the hip hop scene at the end of the 1980s, shoppers have recently made a big comeback in the fashion world. Bucket hats are usually associated with casual outfits, but there are many ways to put your own personal spin on this classic headgear. Pulling one of these hats can be difficult, but anyone can wear a bucket hat with the right attitude and style.

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Edit Choosing your shoe cap

  1. Choose a material that matches your style. Most bucket hats are made of cotton, but they can be made with many different materials. The material you choose should depend on the individual style you go for, and the weather in your area. [1]
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    • Cotton hats are better for warmer temperatures.
    • Denim bucket hats are good for colder weather.
    • Nylon bucket hats are commonly used for outdoor activities such as fishing or camping.
    • Bucket hats made with furry or fuzzy material are a good idea if you want to grab people's attention.
  2. Find your ideal type of bucket hat. Bucket hats come in many different shapes and sizes. Bucket hats designed to protect from the sun usually have larger brims, while more stylistic bucket hats usually have less brims. You may also want a bucket hat with a notch strap or a reversible bucket hat that has two patterns in one. [2]
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  3. Determine which brand works for you. If you want a nostalgic look, a bucket hat with a classic clothing brand logo would be right for you. There are also bucket hats available from more expensive, exclusive fashion brands. Looking for a more subtle look? There are plenty of bucket hats that do not market a clear logo or brand. [3]
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  4. Express your individuality with your favorite color or design pattern. Bucket hats are available in almost any color or design you can imagine. From bright colors to abstract patterns, choose a look that expresses your individual style. [4]
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    • Tie dye caps are perfect for an instant casual outfit.
    • Camouflage bucket hats are modern both indoors and outdoors.
    • Bucket hats with sunny colors can really bring an outfit together.

Edit Create a relaxed style

  1. Use your bucket hat at an angle for a relaxed feel. How you wear your bucket hat will express your personality and style. You can adjust your bucket hat to create many different looks and vibrates depending on your mood. Place your bucket hat on your head at an angle to create a relaxed, easy-to-see look.
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    • If you want a more serious style, place your bucket hat straight on your head to cover most of your forehead and eyes. [5]
  2. Roll up the board for a change of pace. This can create a whole new feel for your outfit, and often changes the entire look of your bucket hat. Whether you want to change your style or stand out from others with bucket hats, you can stir up your stripe on a personal touch to your hat. [6]
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  3. Keep your outfit simple with jeans and a t-shirt. A bucket hat can really combine a casual outfit for that Sunday brunch or a trip to the store. Complement your bucket hat with a simple t-shirt and pair of jeans, khakis or shorts. Add a pair of classic basketball shoes or training shoes to finish your outfit. [7]
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    • Put a blazer or patterned shirt in your outfit for a more semi-formal yet relaxed style.
    • Pairing your bucket hat with a matching dress or top / skirt combination creates another simple but elegant look.
  4. Use your bucket hat with a sweater and jogger for a stylish winter look. If the weather is colder, throw a hoodie and a pair of shirts. A pair of boots or sneakers can bring this type of outfit together.
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    • If it is very cold outdoors, add a bomber jacket to create a modern and elegant outfit.
    • A matching scarf or pair of gloves can complement your bucket hat during the winter.
  5. Don't forget the color coordinate. If you have a colorful bucket hat, you want more neutral clothes. That way, you can pay attention to your new hat. If your bucket hat is a more neutral color, consider wearing a matching shirt or pair of shoes to color your outfit. [8]
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Edit Accessories for your shoe hat

  1. Use sticks to express yourself. Bucket hats are perfect for pins. Place some sticks on the edge of your hat or on the front or back of the hat. Express your individuality and opinions, or just show support for your favorite bands, movies and brands.
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    • Strategically place one or two sticks on your bucket hat for more subtle.
    • Cover your bucket hat in the pins for a more high and DIY look.
  2. Add a note for a cleaner look. If you want to personalize your bucket hat but don't want a messy look, consider patches. Sewing or ironing a patch or a series of patches makes your bucket hat unique and personal, while creating a very clean and complex look. [9]
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  3. Complement your outfit with glasses and jewelry. If you wear a bucket hat, pay attention to your upper body, why not connect your bucket hat with some stylish sunglasses or necklaces. Color that coordinates or contrasts these accessories with your bucket hat can help your outfit pop. [10]
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    • Add a gold chain necklace for a classic hip hop look.
    • Large earrings are an accessory for vintage bucket hats that still work today.

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