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How to watch MKV videos on a Chromebook

This guide takes you step by step through the process of viewing .MKV video files on your Chromebook.

You're probably here because you've discovered that while the standard player for your Chromebook opens .mkv files, it doesn't always play properly (lacks audio, video, or both). We've covered you.

  1. Switch to VLC for Android home on the Google Play Store, or search for " vlc " on the Google Play Store ̵
    1; make sure you choose the right search results – VLC for Android off Video tabs
  2. Click / press the INSTALL button.
  3. Wait patiently when downloading and installing 🙂
  4. Click the OPEN button when the installation is completed.
  5. You have to go through a short "setup" – just this time. Click or press the "next" arrow (see screenshot below) to move to the next screen.
  6. Select ALLOW when prompted to authorize VLC to access your files.
  7. Again select the "next" arrow.
  8. Done! Now let's play one of your videos. Select the Catalogs option to navigate to your .mkv files.
  9. Select the folder containing your .mkv file (s)
  10. Select one of your videos.
  11. Click / press Got it, reject this button hovering over your video.
  12. Ta-da! Now you can watch .mkv vids on your Chromebook.

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