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How to wash black shirts

A fresh black shirt is an elegant choice for all occasions, so be sure to wash yours using good techniques such as washing them with only other dark clothing and cold water so that they look newer longer. Follow the washing of best practices such as flipping the shirts from within and washing them on a short cycle to reduce wear on the fabric and dye that make black shirts look unsightly. To prevent bleaching and wear even further, be sure to follow specific care instructions, wash your shirts less frequently and always air dry the sweaters rather than using a dryer.

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[ Edit ] Using good washing techniques

  1. Wash black shirts with other dark clothes. Always separate dark shirts from light clothing to preserve their color. Wash your black shirts with other black clothing or dark items, such as navy blue clothing. [1]
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    • Do not wash black shirts with red clothes because red dye can bleed on the black fabric and give it a crimson sheen.
  2. Turn black sweaters inside and out before washing them. This will protect the outer fabric from agitation and tumbling. Agitation and tumbling make the fabric wear out and look faded faster. [2]
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    • If the shirts have any buttons or zippers, button and zip them up to keep the shirt inside and prevent anyone from snagging.
  3. Only wash the shirts with cold water. Cold water helps preserve the color of black fabrics, while warm water makes black clothes fade faster. Always adjust the washing machine's water temperature to cold or select a bike that uses cold water before putting on your black shirts. [3]
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    • Washing clothes with warm or hot water is rarely necessary. It just wears them out faster and can even permanently insert stains than get them out.
  4. Place the shirts in the washing machine on a short, light earth bike. Choose a lightweight soil setting on your washing machine so the shirts will be in it for a shorter period of time. This reduces the agitation and tumbling time so that the fabric in your black shirts doesn't wear out as quickly. [4]
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    • If your black shirts are covered in clay or something like that, it is OK to choose a longer bike designed for more dirty clothes. For regular washing, however, always use the shortest cycle you can.
  5. Use the recommended amount of liquid detergent for dark clothing. Buy a detergent designed for dark clothing and cold washes. Read the instructions on the package to add the correct amount for the number of shirts and other laundry you wash. [5]
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    • If, for example, the packaging says you use 1 lid full of liquid detergent for light load and you only wash a few black shirts, use a cap full.
    • These types of detergents help preserve darker colors longer and may even make them look darker and richer.
    • Never exceed the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer. Too much detergent can leave streaks and soap residue on your black shirts.
  6. Pour half a cup (150 g) of salt into a shirt's first load to lock in the paint. Add the salt to the water in the washing machine the first time you wash a black shirt. This prevents bleeding and locks in the black color so that it looks new longer. [6]
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    • You can do this for clothes of all colors to prevent the colors from bleeding.
  7. Add fabric softener or conditioner to a laundry load to reduce bleaching. Pour in 1/2 a cup (118 ml) of vinegar, which acts as a natural plasticizer, per wash load. Use the amount of fabric softener recommended by the manufacturer if you prefer to use a commercial fabric softener. [7]
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    • Either of these lubricates the fabric fibers during washing so that they do not wear out so quickly and begin to look faded.

[ Edit ] Prevent bleaching before and after washing

  1. Read care marks on black shirts and follow all special instructions. The care labels on the tags will give specific instructions to wash or care for the shirts to make them look good longer. Always see these instructions and follow all the unique instructions from the manufacturer. [8]
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    • For example, some black shirts may recommend that you only wash them by hand or to avoid practices such as drying and ironing.
  2. Wash your black shirts every 4-5 berries. The more you wash the shirts, the faster they wear and fade. Only wash your black shirts after 1 use when they are visibly dirty or when you have been active and sweating in them. [9]
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    • You can try to air out your black shirts after every wear and tear between washes by hanging them in the laundry room or somewhere else in your home where they get some airflow to get rid of everyone smell that the shirts take up.
  3. Clean your shirts with water or stain removal with a clean cloth. Release small spills or stains with a cloth covered with stain remover or plain water by pressing the cloth firmly against the stain until it disappears. This allows you to wait longer between the washes by getting rid of small dirty stains. [10] water with mild liquid detergent.}}
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    • If something is stuck in the shirt, gently scrape it with the edge of a round spoon and then drop it with a clean cloth and plain water or cleaning solution.
  4. Hang or lay the shirts flat to dry them. Avoid putting black shirts in a dryer as they absorb all sorts of fuzzies that make them look less black. Hang them to dry on clothes hangers or lay them flat on a drying rack. [11]
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    • If you absolutely have to dry your black shirts in the machine, just do it with other black items and use a low-heat, short cycle time setting to prevent the cloth from breaking down and worn out by over-drying. Consider having a lint roll on hand to remove any fuzzies that get stuck on the shirts after drying them.
  5. Avoid leaving black shirts in the sun. Do not hang or put on black sweaters to dry out in the sun as UV rays disappear color faster. So don't hang them on an outdoor clothesline or put them out somewhere like a balcony. [12]
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    • If you have an outdoor air laundry, hang or put your black sweaters in another room somewhere inside to dry so they are not exposed to sun.

[ Edit ] Warnings

  • Do not ever use bleach to wash black shirts, you will destroy them completely.

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