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How to use Bluetooth to copy files to an Amazon Fire (Windows) – Easy help

This wizard takes you step by step using Bluetooth to transfer files from a Windows 10 computer to an Amazon Fire tablet.

  1. Touch the Settings icon on the Home screen of your Fire tablet.
  2. Select the menu item Connected devices .
  3. Touch the section Bluetooth .
  4. From here, switch the Bluetooth setting to ON
  5. Once enabled, it will begin to detect nearby devices (if any) and become discoverable by itself.
  6. On your Windows computer, click the "Start" button, and then click Settings . From the Windows Settings panel, select Devices
  7. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled ON and then click the "plus sign" button (+) next to Add Bluetooth or other devices
  8. Select Bluetooth from Add a device list.
  9. After a few moments, your Fire Tablet will pop up. Choose it.
  10. Make sure a PIN is displayed.
  11. Back on your Fire tablet, a notification should be waiting for you. Select it and then select PAIR & CONNECT
  12. Enter the PIN displayed back in Windows 10 and then press OK
  13. When the devices have paired, click Done in Windows.
  14. Now there will be a Fire Tablet listed in your Bluetooth & other devices
  15. If it was not there before it arrives now – find Bluetooth Bluetooth icon in the system tray.
  16. Click it and select Send a file
  17. Select your Fire Tablet and click the Next button.
  18. Click Browse
  19. Navigate to the file (s) you want to upload to your Amazon Fire, select it and click Open
  20. Click Next
  21. One Incoming file message pops up on your Fire tablet. Highlight it and then press ACCEPT
  22. The file now copies from your Windows computer to your Fire tablet.
  23. When the transfer is complete, click the Finish button.
  24. Your Fire notifies you that the transfer has also been completed.
  25. You can find your recently uploaded file in the bluetooth folder on your device (you can access it via the Docs App].
  26. All done!

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