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How to use aromatherapy for nausea

If you experience nausea, you probably want quick relief! Nausea has many causes, including motion sickness, constipation, pregnancy, indigestion and illness. No matter what causes your nausea, you may be able to use aromatherapy to feel better. Aromatherapy is a general term for inhalation of essential oils and plant extracts to treat minor problems. Aromatherapy is generally considered to be one of the safest ways to deal with common symptoms holistically, even if you want to keep the oils away from the skin. Also, never swallow or eat essential oils. Contact your doctor before using essential oils and seek medical attention if you may have an underlying condition.

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[ Edit ] Choosing your oils

  1. Use lemon essential oil for general relief, especially during pregnancy. Lemon oil drastically reduces the symptoms of nausea, especially if you are vomiting or pregnant. Citrus is generally good for the digestive tract and lemon oil is probably soothing nausea as it sets the stomach. In addition, the light, citrusy scent can drown out other scents that can cause nausea. [1]
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  2. Choose ginger if the stomach is upset. Drinking or eating ginger has been shown to resolve an upset stomach, but the aromas can also help. Ginger scent is a great way to calm a rough stomach if your nausea is caused by something you ate or other digestive problems. [2]
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    • If you are looking for a quick solution for nausea, drinking some ginger tea is a good way to feel better quickly. It's not aromatherapy, but it's a proven fix! [3]
  3. Choose lavender if your nausea is related to anxiety or stress. Lavender is widely recognized as a powerful stress reliever, making it a good alternative if your nausea is triggered by stress or anxiety. It is also one of the most loved scents for the home, making it a good alternative if you are spreading the oil indoors. [4]
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    • Some people find chamomile to be effective for stress and anxiety as well, but it may not help nausea. It's worth giving it a shot if you're not a fan of lavender, though!
  4. Choose fennel if you are nausea and have other digestive problems. Fennel has the ability to relax the digestive tract if you have diarrhea or flatulence. The scent is also quite woody and natural, making it an excellent alternative for aromatherapy. If you have any digestive problems related to your nausea and you love the smell of the great outdoors, give the fennel a shot. [5]
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    • Some think fennel smells a bit like licorice or dill. It's a pretty dynamic scent if you're looking for something a little more unique than lemon or lavender.
  5. Try peppermint oil if you are looking for a cool scent. Peppermint is a good alternative that can make you feel refreshed and calm. Keep in mind that peppermint tends to be quite strong, so you are better off just spreading or smelling it for a few minutes to avoid irritating your nostrils. [6]
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    • Do not apply peppermint oils to the skin and avoid using it for aromatherapy if there are any small children. It tends to be more likely to cause an allergic reaction and children with growing lungs may find it irritable. [7]
    • Peppermint is probably one of the most divisive aromas used in aromatherapy. Many do not really like the smell of peppermint. If you are not a fan of good snacks or sweets, this is probably not the best scent for you.
  6. Create an oil blend if you want a dynamic, customized scent. Sometimes a combination of essential oils works better to fight nausea than a single type. For example, a mixture of peppermint and ginger can be good if your stomach is a little calm but you love the cool aroma of peppermint. [8]
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    • You can also add other fragrances that you like to an oil known for soothing nausea. Since you do not consume anything or use the oil topically, there is no danger of causing a negative reaction by mixing different oils.

[ Edit ] Inhaling the Scent

  1. Pour a few drops on a handkerchief to smell the scent for a moment. Sniffing the whole bottle directly can be kind of overwhelming. Pour 3-4 drops of oil directly into a clean cloth or handkerchief to make the aroma more palatable. Hold the oily cloth under your nose, close your eyes and breathe in slowly to take in the aroma. [9]
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    • Closing the eyes is especially important if you use peppermint, which can really irritate the eyes if the smells are too strong.
    • This is the best way to quickly inhale the aroma.
    • The oils will dry out on the cloth after a few minutes, but the scent should last quite a while. When it dries out, you can either add more oil or use the dry cloth as a way to breathe in a softer form of the scent.
  2. Diffuse the oil in your home for a longer, softer form of aromatherapy. Diffusers are designed to release the scent of essential oil into your home. It is a more indirect way to get the scent, but it can help reduce your nausea if you hang out at home. Different diffusers work differently. Some use heat to spread the scent. Others will let you drop the oil into water to create steam. Follow the instructions provided with your diffuser for best results. [10]
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    • You must usually mix essential oil in a carrier oil, such as olive or coconut oil or water, before adding the liquid to the diffuser.
  3. Fill a bottle with the oil and a cotton swab to take it on the go. Take a small, airtight bottle or bottle. Pour the essential oil into the container. Then place 1-2 cotton balls in the container and press them down until the bottom of the cotton balls comes into contact with essential oil. This is a great way to carry the oil and take sniffs if needed to curb your nausea. Inhale the scent by keeping the bottle opening away from your nose. [11]
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    • Close your eyes while doing this to keep smoke out of your eyes.
  4. Add a few drops of warm water to breathe in the steam and clean the sinuses. If you have a dropped nose and you are nauseated, it is probably the best way to deliver the scent. Boil some tap water on the stove and turn off the heat after the water reaches a boiling boil. Then pour 3-4 drops into the water. Tilt your head over the water and breathe in the steam slowly. [12]
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    • Peppermint and lemon tend to be the best options if you try to clear your nose. [19659029] This should also make it easier to breathe while the nose is clogged. The vapor will release mucus or blockage in your sinuses.
    • The steam should soften the aroma enough that you do not have to close your eyes. Go ahead and close them if the vapors are too much for you.
  5. See an aromatherapy professional for acupuncture or a massage. Massage therapists and acupuncture specialists often use aromatherapy in conjunction with their services. Contact a masseur or acupuncturist near you and ask them if they can use a specific oil for your session. If they can fulfill your request and you are interested in getting acupuncture or a massage, schedule a time and show yourself ready for some relaxation. [13]
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[ Edit ] When to seek medical care

  1. Check with your doctor before using essential oils. Although essential oils are often safe, they are not suitable for everyone. Some essential oils can trigger an allergic reaction or irritate the skin. In addition, they may interfere with your medication or cause complications if you have certain conditions. Always talk to your doctor before using essential oils to make sure they are safe for you. [14]
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    • Tell your doctor what oils you plan to use and what you hope to treat.
    • If you are pregnant, make sure your doctor approves every essential oil you plan to use, as not all are safe.
  2. Treat your underlying medical condition that causes nausea. If you have general nausea or morning sickness, you may not need to worry about this. However, you may need to use other treatments if a disease causes your nausea. Aromatherapy only treats the symptom, so you still have to treat your underlying condition to get better. See your doctor for a diagnosis and take your medication as directed. [15]
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    • If you are unsure, call your doctor to see if they recommend coming in. You may be able to treat your nausea at home.
  3. See your doctor if your nausea is prolonged or recurring. Your nausea can have many causes, and it is best to consult your doctor to find out what is happening. It is possible that your nausea is a symptom of another condition. Your doctor can find out what is causing your nausea so that you can finally get relief. [16]
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    • Your nausea is prolonged if it lasts for several days, and it is recurring if it disappears and comes back.
  4. Talking to your doctor about nausea causes you to lose weight. If you are so sick that it is difficult for you to eat, it is best to see your doctor. This may be a sign that something is wrong. You're probably fine, but consult your doctor to find out what's going on. [17]
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    • Your doctor can also advise you on how to control your nausea so you can eat regular meals.
  5. Get immediate medical attention if you get severe symptoms. Sometimes nausea can be a symptom of a serious condition. Try not to worry because you will probably be okay. But you must get a correct diagnosis and treatment if you can have a serious medical condition. [18]
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[ Edit ] Warnings

  • Always check with your doctor before starting essential oils. If you do not know the cause of your nausea, your doctor can help.

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