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How to use all devices as web streaming Motion sensitive security camera – easy help

With nothing more than a browser, you can turn any internet-connected device with a camera into a motion-sensing, web-streaming security camera – for free!

Do you have an old iPhone or iPod Touch? An Android phone or tablet that you no longer use? How about an old webcam with a webcam? If so, you have everything you need to create a streaming security camera that you can view from any browser in the world. It can even take screenshots when it detects motion.

Here's how we describe their service via Viyo:

We make the installation easy. No clumsy apps or hardware needed. All you need are two devices: one to set as a camera and another to see your camera. Viyo is compatible with most phones, laptops and tablets.

That's right ̵

1; no apps required, just a browser. To top it all, it's free! You can use this setting to monitor a pet while you are at work, look at the front door for package deliveries – the scenarios are endless.

Here are step by step instructions on setting up your first camera.

  1. Grab the device you are going to use as a camera and on that device over to viyo.io. When you are there, click / tap the GET STARTED FREE button.
  2. Enter your email address, password, and check the box for terms and conditions. Then click / click the register button.
  3. At this stage, you will be sent a confirmation email. Check your email and follow the verification link to verify your account.
  4. Once you have verified your account, you will automatically be logged into viyo.io on the device you are using as a camera. You can browse the overview pages or select the link Skip to find good things.
  5. Let's configure your device as a camera – select the Setup Camera button.
  6. At this point, you will probably be prompted to allow viyo.io to access your camera and microphone. Press Allow (or equivalent on your device).
  7. Select the link Advanced Options .
  8. Here you will do most of the configuration. If your device has more than one camera (most phones and tablets do), choose the one you want to use as your security camera. Then name the camera (eg front camera or rear camera). Make sure there is a check in the box Messages and make sure there is not a check in the box Motion Screenshots . When you are finished, select SETTING UNIT .
  9. Your camera starts streaming audio and video. Aim it at the area you want to monitor.
  10. Press the "3 dots" button in the upper right corner of the screen and then select the Settings button (the one that looks like a small cog).
  11. From here, you can adjust the sensitivity level of the camera to trigger the "motion detected" function. You will probably need to test this and adjust accordingly. When you are satisfied with the sensitivity level, you can activate the Motion Screenshots setting, which takes a screenshot of your device every time motion is detected. Finally, you make all Visual Adjustments you see fit – increase or decrease brightness, saturation, contrast or hue. When done, select the Done button.
  12. The onscreen controls allow you to take a screenshot at any time – just select the Camera icon and then accept the download.
  13. If you do not want to stream audio, select the & # 39; microphone & # 39; and make sure it has & # 39; penetrated & # 39; which indicates that it is turned off.
  14. Now to access the camera from another location. Jump on your laptop or primary phone / tablet and proceed to viyo.io in your main browser. Log in with the same account information you already created in step 2. After logging in, select the View Cameras button.
  15. Select your active camera from the Camera Manager list.
  16. Ta-da! You can now watch a live stream on your camcorder that you set as a security cam.
  17. If you have notifications turned on, a small window will appear in the browser informing you every time the camera detects motion.
  18. The first time you select the on-screen camera to take a screenshot of your security camera, you must allow downloads from viyo.io.
  19. The screenshot can then be found in the Downloads folder.
  20. That's it! If you want to use more than one camera, you must pay for a subscription (currently $ 5 / mo). You can also use the Viyo Referral Program to add additional cameras to your account.

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