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How to use a Chemex coffee maker

Chemex brewing system is an easy way to brew high-quality coffee at home. You have probably seen these elegant glass makers for sale at local cafes. Fortunately, you do not have to be a barista to follow the simple brewing process. As long as you use freshly ground coffee and take the time to pour the water over the ground, you will be rewarded with a filtered cup of delicious coffee.


[[[[Edit]Folding and soaking of filters

  1. Bring a kettle full of water to a boil. For the best tasting coffee, fill a kettle with cold water that has not been boiled before and place it on the stove. Turn the burner to high and heat the water until it starts to boil. If you use a kettle, switch it on and turn it on so that it boils the water. Plan to boil at least water for each small cup of coffee you want to make.[1]
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    • If you do not have a kettle, pour water into a saucepan and put a lid on it. Turn the burner to high and heat it until the water boils. You must be extra careful when pouring the water into Chemex as there is no pouring spout on the boiler.
    • For example, if you make 5 small portions of coffee, use about 5 rounded tablespoons (35 g) of soil and total water.
  2. Fold a round or square Chemex filter into quadrants. Chemex filters are thicker than regular coffee filters and filter out bitterness, oils and sediment from the coffee. Because the Chemex filters are large and flat, fold a square or round half. Then fold it in half again to create quadrants, which you will develop to create a conical shape.[2]
  3. Open the filter in a conical shape and set it in the Chemex brewery. Hold the folded filter and pull back 1 of the folded sides to create a cone. The opposite side of the filter should be three layers thick. Then set the conical filter at the top of the Chemex so that the folded side is against the pouring spout.[3]
    • Chemex brewers are available in several sizes, although the filters usually fit all. This means that paper filters must fit in the breweries.
    • Laying the thicker layers close to the pouring spout prevents the formation of a tight seal, which slows down the brewing.
  4. Pour hot water into the empty filter to rinse it and heat Chemex. Take hot water from the kettle and carefully pour it into the filter to wet the filter completely. Slowly swirl the hot water in the bottom of the Chemex for a few seconds to warm the glass. Then pour out the hot water.[4]
    • Rinsing the filter before brewing becomes a paper taste. The hot water also heats Chemex so that your coffee is brewed at the right temperature.

[[[[Edit]Blooms the ground

  1. Put your brewery on a scale and take it. Measuring your coffee and hot water by weight is more accurate than using measuring cups and cups. It also streamlines the brewing process. Set up your Chemex on a digital scale. Then turn on the scale and take it so that it shows “0.” Make sure the scale is set to grams before you begin.[5]
    • If you do not use a scale to brew coffee, skip this step and measure your water and coffee grounds in volume instead.
  2. Add 1 rounded tablespoon (7 g) of coffee for every 150 ml of water. Use this amount as a starting point to brew Chemex and adjust it next time to your liking. If you want a stronger brew, try 1 1/2 tablespoons (10 g) per cup.[6]
    • For example, if you want to brew 5 servings of coffee, use about 5 rounded tablespoons (35 g) of soil.
    • Use any type of coffee or fry when using your Chemex. If you can, grind the beans yourself for the freshest cup of coffee.
  3. Start a timer and pour about warm water on the ground. When the water is around, turn on a timer and start pouring the water into the ground in your filter. Use a circular motion to pour enough water to completely saturate the soil. Look at your timer and wait until it has reached 30 seconds before continuing to brew.[7]

[[[[Edit]Brews coffee

  1. Pour in enough water to get under the top of the Chemex. Be careful when slowly pouring the hot water in a circular motion. You may use a back and forth motion to mix the coffee with the ground, which also works well. Continue pouring until you are from the top of the brewery.[8]
    • Pour slowly so that the water does not spray and burn you.
  2. Wait about 45 seconds before pouring more water into the brewery. The water filters through the ground and at the bottom of the Chemex while you wait. Pay attention to how quickly the coffee drops into the bottom of the brewer so that you know if you need to adjust the coffee’s grinding next time.[9]
    • For example, if the water flows really fast, the coffee will be weak and you may need to make the coffee finer when you grind your next batch.
    • If the water has not stopped filtering at the bottom, it may be too finely ground, so make it coarser the next time you grind coffee.
  3. Pour in the rest of the water and let it brew for a total of 4 minutes. When you have waited, you will see moist soil in the filter and you will have room to pour warmer water. Add more water to the ground so that you have approximately water for each rounded tablespoon (7 g) of coffee. See the timer and let the water filter through the ground for about 4 minutes.[10]
  4. Discard the filter and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Insert the sides of the filter and hold them for a few seconds so that the coffee stops filtering. Discard the filter with the ground and then pour the coffee into mugs.[11]
    Use a Chemex Coffee Maker Step 11.jpg
    • You can also compost the coffee pots or add them to your garden soil.


  • To clean your Chemex, remove the wooden handle and set it aside. Wash the glass maker with warm soapy water or run it through the dishwasher.[12]


  • Always be careful when pouring boiling water.
  • Never place a Chemex directly on an electric coil as the heat can break the glass.[13]

[[[[Edit]Things you need

  • Chemex coffee filter
  • Chemex coffee maker
  • kettle
  • Measuring spoon or scale
  • Timer
  • serving Copper

[[[[Edit]Related wikiHows

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