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How to think creatively

Creative thinking plays a big role in how you express yourself. This kind of thinking helps you move from point A to point B in fun, exciting ways and helps you see the world from a new perspective. Just like cycling or driving a car, creative thinking is a skill that you can hone and improve with careful practice and patience. You may be surprised at how much you can accomplish when handling tasks with creative thought!

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[ Edit ] Getting into a Creative Headspace

  1. Focus on your creative ideas when you are little sleepy. Set aside a few minutes before going to bed and see if you can get a creative breakthrough. Believe it or not, your brain tends to wander and drift when you are tired, which opens you up to more creative thoughts or ideas. Try to tackle a creative challenge before bed and see if you can get a new perspective! [1]
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    • For example, if you are struggling for a job assignment, take a look at it when you start getting sleepy. Your sleepiness can take your thoughts in a new, creative direction!
    • Work on some of your creative projects at night, like a music project or a novel you have been working on.
  2. Get some exercise if you have no ideas. Take a walk outside, or try some other activity you like. You don't have to do a full workout – just being out and can send your thoughts in a more creative direction. Exercise can also get rid of some common distractions, like watching TV or listening to your favorite music. [2]
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    • For example, if you feel uninspired about a poster project for work, take a few minutes to walk around and have a drink of water. Your thinking patterns may be more creative and productive after you move on some, and you may be able to come up with some cool pictures for your poster!
    • You can also think about your creative projects as you lift weights, go running, jump rope or do some other type of exercise. Try to find a system that works well for you!
  3. Play some background music in the background to help you think. Look online for free ambient soundtracks that you can play in the background while you work. These tracks make you feel like you are out or in a cafe, even if you work from home. If you play soft background noise, you can think more creatively and deal with your projects from a more creative angle. [3]
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    • You can get environmental music over the phone apples, or you can use sites like "A Soft Murmur" or "Noisli" to get the job done.
    • Background talk can help you focus or you prefer nature sounds.
  4. Look to other creators for inspiration. Think about some of your favorite ideas and concepts, whether they are inventions, stories or any other creative medium. See if you can find connecting points between some of your favorite ideas, which could possibly turn into a very unique idea. [4]
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    • If you like stories that take place in a fantasy world with magic, take some time to create your own fictional universe with magical characters and creatures.
    • Keep in mind that most stories and ideas are not completely original – they are created by people who connect the dots between other ideas and concepts.
    • If you need to design a moving graphic video for your work, look at some professional portfolios to see how they approached their projects.
  5. Close the lights so you feel a little more inspired. Adjust the light settings so that the room is illuminated without being too bright. If your lamps do not have multiple settings, turn on a single lamp while turning off all other lamps in the room. Changing your environment can help you feel more relaxed and like you're not under a lot of pressure. [5]
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    • Dimming lamps help you feel more anonymous, which in turn can help you feel and think more creatively.
  6. Work in an area with a lot of blue. Look for a room in your home that is painted blue or has a lot of blue decor. You can also look for a nearby company with blue walls, such as a library or cafe. Psychologically, the color is blue relaxing, which of course helps you to think more creatively. [6]
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    • With this in mind, do not try to get any creative work in a room with red walls or decor. The color red tends to put your mind on the edge, which does not promote very creative thoughts.
  7. Create a ritual that helps you get into a creative way of thinking. Think about various activities that will help you get a relaxed and open frame of mind. Take note of all the changes in your routine that help you feel more creative, whether you're taking a bath, journaling, calling a friend or enjoying a cup of hot tea. Develop a routine for yourself that will, of course, put you in a creative frame of mind that can be useful for future projects. [7]
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    • For example, you can think more creatively after listening to a particular playlist or after lighting some lights around your workspace.
    • Some people have more creative thoughts after taking a nap or getting a good night's sleep.
  8. Give yourself some limitations to make it easier to focus. Set a time limit before you begin a creative task, such as drawing a picture or writing a story. Put yourself under a little pressure to achieve a certain goal within a certain time limit. These limitations can help you think more creatively, because you feel compelled to do more over a certain time limit. [8]
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    • For example, you can challenge yourself to write a 500 word story in 10 minutes, or draw 3 basic sketches in one hour.
    • To make the stakes a little higher, set a timer for you so you know how much time you have left.

[ Edit ] Testing Creative Exercises

  1. Consume new media that is not in your regular wheelhouse. Think about movies, TV shows and books that you usually suffer from. Look for fictional works in a different genre or genre that you don't look at often. You may be surprised at how many creative thoughts and ideas you can come up with when you experience something that is completely outside your comfort zone. [9]
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    • For example, if you like fantasy driven shows and media, consider listening to a real crime podcast for a change of pace.
    • If you like realistic fiction books, you might like to read a science fiction book instead.
    • with more physical media, such as carbon or oil paints.
  2. Write freely about nothing special. Give yourself a few minutes to write your thoughts on a piece of paper. Don't limit yourself to a single topic – just write about what comes into your mind. It's okay if your writing is not very meaningful – just getting your thoughts out can help you think and feel more productive and creative. [10]
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    • For this exercise, just open uploading a blank document to a word processor or laying out a piece of paper. Let your imagination do the rest!
  3. Try a new food to put yourself in a creative mood. Replace your new menu and prepare a meal or snack that you would not normally eat. Experiencing new tastes and sensations can give you a more creative frame of mind. You can cook something at home or visit a new restaurant if you do not feel like cooking yourself. [11]
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    • For example, if you usually eat light foods like sandwiches and salad, try a more flavorful dish like curry instead.
    • Check the international aisle of your grocery store to look for snacks you haven't tried before.
  4. Write down a list of different creative ideas for an upcoming project. If you are blocked on an idea, give yourself a few minutes to sit and go through all the creative thoughts and ideas that go through your mind. As you note your thoughts, you can try to find more creative ideas. It's okay if your ideas aren't that good – just write down what you think. When you get the ball rolling you may think more creatively. [12]
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    • For example, you can write a list of history ideas or a list of things to do on a hot summer day.
    • If you do not have ideas for a business newsletter, you can write down different article ideas or columns that your readers might like.
    • You can also write down a list of things to do with your friends while you are stuck at home.

[ Edit ] Staying Positive and Encouraged

  1. Separate yourself from a creative task so that you can think more clearly. Take a step back and pretend that you are looking at your task or project through the eyes of a neutral third party. Ask yourself what kind of audience you have access to and what your end goal is. Thinking outside your own head can help you think more creatively and get new ideas. [13]
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    • Ask for example: "What type of content is my target audience interested in?" Or "How can I successfully convey feelings of happiness in my art?"
  2. Use daydreams and naps as a way to upload, take the pressure off yourself and see things in a more relaxed way. Play up your thoughts in a daydream to see if you can come up with some new ideas. [19659062] If you feel particularly burnt out, take a quick nap to keep you updated. [15]
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    • Daydreams and naps are a good complement to creative thinking, but they do not replace it.
  3. Be patient with yourself and your ideas You will not be able to think creatively if you always give up, if you feel a little blocked, take a few minutes to relax your muscles and take more Do not beat yourself – instead, trust yourself and so on h your ideas. [16]
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    • If you take a few minutes to move away from your ideas, you can help you see things from a new perspective.

[ Edit ] Tips

  • Watch a movie in a movie theater to help you think creatively. All the new sensations from a movie theater can help you get creative! [17]
  • A dirty area, like a desk, can help inspire more creative thoughts. [18]

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