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How to take good food pictures for Yelp

Good pictures can make Yelp reviews stand out and help you become a more reliable reviewer. When learning how to take good food photos usually requires training, you can take your photos to the next level with some simple techniques. With the right lighting and framing, your photos can be food-blog worthy. Don't forget to enjoy the food while it is still hot!

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[ Edit ] Lighting your photo

  1. Select a location with bright natural or headlight. Good lighting is crucial for a great photo. Natural lighting is best, so place your photo closer to a window if possible. Otherwise, move your food so that it is under the overhead lighting. [1]
      Take Good Food Pictures for Yelp Step 1.jpg
    • Look at the light and shadows around your food. Move your camera or food as needed to lighten the food and create shadows around the counter for contrast.
  2. Use an LED light to illuminate your photos if you prefer. If you photograph your food frequently, you may decide to bring an LED light. Place your candle on one side of the food or over it. Adjust the light until you are happy with the arrangement. [2]
      Take good food pictures for Yelp Step 2.jpg
    • If you are having dinner with someone else, ask them to use the light on their mobile phone to illuminate your dish.
  3. Use the exposure control on the phone to adjust the lighting. Click the camera screen with your fingertip. When the sun icon comes up, look for the line that appears. Drag your fingertip along the line to adjust the lighting up or down until you are satisfied with the brightness. [3]
    • Try taking photos under different exposures to see what you like best.
  4. Create contrast by placing food near lighter or darker objects. Contrast is the difference in brightness between your subject and the objects around it. Usually, the human eye is drawn to high contrast. Place napkins, utensils or dishes that are lighter or darker than the food you photograph near the bowl to make the food stand out. [4]
      Take Good Food Photos for Yelp Step 4.jpg
    • Alternatively, use negative space to create contrast by placing the food in front of a dark or light background. [5]
    • While you do not want shadows on your food, shadows under and around your food can be good because they make your food stand out. [19659009] Turn off the camera flash before taking the photo. Although you may think that flash is the key to good lighting, it actually creates harsh shadows and bright spots that destroy your photo. Instead, use natural lighting, air lighting or an LED lamp to get your perfect shot. Make sure your flash is off before shooting your food. [6]
      • In general, the flash gives your photos that feared "amateur".

[ Edit ] Composition and framing Your photos

  1. Use props to create a story for your photo. If you use props, you can make your photo more interesting. Fortunately, you probably have several supplies at your disposal already on the table, such as your drink, utensils, napkins and possibly a vase or candle. Once you've placed the dish where you want it on the table, arrange the other items around the plate to make the photo more interesting. [7]
      Take Good Photos on Yelp Step 6.jpg
    • If you ordered an alcoholic drink or tea, use your glass to create a story.
    • Play with where you place the items. For example, you can put chopsticks next to a bowl with the frame or stick out from the frame.
    • If you have a napkin different from the tablecloth, you can put the napkin over the tablecloth and place your bowl over it to create more color contrast. For example, a burgundy napkin would look good on top of a white tablecloth.
  2. Makes a symmetrical arrangement for an aesthetically pleasing photo. The human eye is naturally drawn to symmetry, so that a balanced arrangement creates a more attractive photo. As you arrange your table, imagine a line going down to the center of the table. Place dishes, kitchen utensils and table decor so that they appear on both sides if you want a symmetrical photo. [8]
      Take good food pictures for Yelp Step 7.jpg
    • For example, you can put the plate in the middle of the table, a vase with a flower in the right upper corner and your glass in the upper left corner.
  3. Use the "third rule" as another option for designing your topic. This rule is the principle of mentally dividing a photograph into 3 parts both vertically and horizontally. Position the camera so that the subject lies along the points where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect. The image will be in the middle, which is more pleasing to the eye. [9]
      Take great food photos for Yelp Step 8.jpg
    • For example, you can place your bowl of soup to the right of your photo. Then place the glass to the left and place your folded napkin on the left side of the bowl. The eye will, of course, go to the bowl.
  4. Take an overhead shot to show the food and atmosphere. An overhead shot can capture the vibe and branding of a restaurant. Set up your table to show the restaurant decor. Then set up or hold the camera over the table to snap your photo. Bring table arrangements, dishes and kitchen utensils. [10]
      Take good food photos for Yelp Step 9.jpg
    • For example, you can remove your personal items from the dinner table and arrange dishes, cutlery and table decorations so they are even. Then set up and take several photos above the table.
    • You can also mix in other items, such as the menu or printed napkins. Get creative in arranging the table.
    • In photography this is called "master shot".
  5. Snap a photo that is close to the food but shows brand elements. With these types of photographs you can highlight the food and also capture the vibes of the restaurant. Place your food near a logo, decoration or other dishes. Then take several photos from different pages. [11]
      Take good food photos for Yelp Step 10.jpg
    • As an example, you can photograph a plate of sushi with the menu on the side. Similarly, you can take a photo of an ice cream sundae in front of Creamery's logo on the wall.
    • Photographers call this a "medium shot."
  6. Photograph a close-up view of layers, specific ingredients and sauces. It's okay if the background of your photo seems blurry, as long as your subject is clear. In fact, a blurred background can make the food stand out more. Get close to the food and let the camera lens adjust its focus to the bowl. Then take your photo. [12]
      Take good food photos for Yelp Step 11.jpg
    • For example, you can place the lens right in front of a burger to display juices, even if the background is blurred.
    • A photographer would call this a "close-up". [13]
  7. Photograph your dish from multiple angles to give you options. It is unlikely that you will get the perfect shot on your first try, and that is perfectly normal. If you want to take good food pictures, you have to snapper several photos and choose the best one. Take a variety of photographs from different angles. Then browse through them to identify your best images. [14]
    • The best angle for a photo depends on the lighting and type of food you are photographing. Play with your camera so you have options.

[ Edit ] Select and edit your photos

  1. Review your photos to find the images you like best. Look through all the pictures you have taken from different angles. Choose 1-3 pictures that best present the food and the story you want to tell. If you use multiple photos, make sure they show the food from different angles so that each one tells their own story. [15]
    • For example, you can select an overhead image and a close-up image.
  2. Use a photo editor to edit your photos. The editing features on your phone probably aren't enough to create great Yelp photos. Download a photo editing app so you can adjust the contrast, highlights and color of your photos. There are several photo editing apps you can try. [16]
      Take good food photos for Yelp Step 14.jpg
    • For example, you can use VSCO, Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, Photographer or Foodie.
  3. Cut images to eliminate unnecessary boundaries, if needed. You may not need to crop your photos if you are satisfied with your composition. However, you can decide to crop a photo that has an excessive background or contains things you don't want in your final photo. Click the "crop" button in your photo editor to open the crop tool. Then adjust the boundaries to create the composition you want. [17]
    • You may want to copy the photo before cropping it, only if you change it later.
  4. Improve the contrast of the photos to get details. Contrast helps the food stand out on the plate and distinguishes it from the background. In addition, it may help the eye to pick up smaller details such as individual ingredients and sauces. Click the "contrast" button on your photo editor and slide the knob on the adjustment bar until you are satisfied with the contrast. [18]
    • You want the contrast to be a little higher than the normal setting but not so high that your photo looks real. Usually this requires trial and error.
  5. Increase the brightness to make the highlights more visible. Your photo will have highlights where the light shines off the food, dishes and all the supplies you used. When you change the contrast, these highlights may not be noticeable. To make them sharper, click the "highlights" button in your photo editor. Then slide the knob on the adjustment bar to increase the highlights slightly. [19]
    • You don't have to increase the highlights so much. If the image starts to look too dazzling, reduce the highlight.
  6. Adjust the color to make the food look vibrant. Usually, food looks a little different on camera than in reality due to factors such as lighting. Fortunately, your editing app can remove all the overtones shown in the photo and make the color of the food pop. Click the color adjustment button. Then adjust the hue and saturation to fit what you saw. [20]
    • If your app allows you to adjust the white balance, click this button to see if it enhances your photos. If you don't like the result, you can always undo editing.

[ Edit ] Tips

  • Tell the person you are eating with a good photo of your food is important to you before you sit down to dinner. Ask them to be patient for a few minutes while getting your perfect shot.

[ Edit ] Warnings

  • Don't let your desire for a good photo rob you of your food experience. It will be difficult to rate the restaurant if your food is sitting out for too long.

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