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How to stretch the arch

If you stand on your feet all day or if you wear shoes without good support, you may feel pain in the arch muscles of the foot. Fortunately, there are many simple stretches you can try at home that do not require any special equipment. Even if you do not feel any pain, exercising your arches daily can help keep them strong and free from injury. All you need is a few minutes each day to work out!
. Sit down in a comfortable chair and take one of your feet to the yard. Grasp the toes with your non-dominant hand and gently pull them toward the top of the foot until you feel tension in the arch. Start near the heel and lightly rub the bottom of the foot with your dominant hand. Exercise to the toes and put on more pressure as you feel more comfortable. Continue massaging your foot for about 1

0 seconds before changing your foot. [1]

  Stretch the arch of the foot Step 1.jpg
  • Try to massage the arches about 2-4 times daily to help relax the muscles.
  • Avoid lifting your toes so high that the stretch feels painful. You should only feel slight tension in your arch as you stretch.
  • Press the ball of the foot against a wall until you feel tension in your arch. Stand in front of a wall and plant your heel on the ground as close as you can. Rest your toes against the wall so that the foot is at a 45-degree angle. Keep your other foot firmly planted on the ground as you lean your body forward. When you feel tension in your calf and bow, hold your position for about 30 seconds before relaxing. Swap feet to stretch your other arch. [2]
      Stretch Your Foot Stage Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    • Repeat these stretches 2-3 times daily.
    • This stretch works well if you often have pain due to plantar fasciitis.
    • It's okay to lift the heel of your back on your foot to help you lean closer to the wall.
  • Kneel down to keep your feet planted on the floor. Crouch on the floor to support your weight with your feet balls. Keep the back of your heels up throughout your distance. Lean forward to place your hands and knees on the floor in front of you without lifting your feet from the ground. Keep the buttocks just above the heel so you feel tension in the arches. Hold the stretch for about 15-30 seconds to help relieve any foot pain you have. [3]
      Stretch your foot arch Step 3.jpg
    • Stretch your arches like this 3-4 times each day.
    • If it hurts your knees on your knee on a hard floor, try doing your stretches on a yoga mat or rugs.
  • Stand on the edge of a step and lower your heel. Position yourself so that your balls on your feet are on the lower step and your heels are hanging over the edge. Hold onto a guide beam or brace yourself against a wall as you drop your heels down the step. When you feel slight tension in the bow, hold your position for 15-30 seconds before lifting the heels. Repeat this route 2-4 times for more relief. [4]
      Stretch Your Foot Stage Step 4.jpg
    • You can practice this stretch as many times during the day as you want, or before and after physical activity. [19659009] One-step stretching also helps increase the flexibility of your calves.
    • Do this at the bottom of your staircase to lose balance.
  • Roll a water bottle under the foot of the foot to massage your arch. Sit down in a chair and place a full water bottle on the ground so that it is perpendicular to your foot. Press the foot down on the water bottle and roll the foot back and forth on top of it. Apply light pressure first and start increasing it when you feel more relief. Continue massaging your foot for 2–5 minutes before changing your foot. [5]
      Stretch the arch of the foot Step 5.jpg
    • You can also use a jar or foam roller instead of a water bottle.
    • If you want further pain relief, try filling the bottle ¾-full and freeze it before using it to massage your arches. If the bottle feels too cold, wear socks during the massage.
  • Take a towel around your foot and pull it toward you. Roll up a towel lengthwise and hold it at each end. Sit on the floor with your leg stretched straight in front of you. Place the center of the towel perpendicular to the ball of the foot and pull the ends toward the body until you feel the arch stretch. Hold the distance for about 15-30 seconds before relaxing and changing your feet. [6]
      Stretch your foot arch Step 6.jpg
    • Repeat your stretch 2-3 times per foot for further relief.
    • Avoid bending your knee while stretching, as it will not be as effective in relieving pain.
  • [ Edit ] Strengthen your arches

    1. Press your big toe towards the floor as you lift your other toe. Sit down and keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Press the big toe on the floor and slowly try to raise the other four toes on the foot. Hold your toes up for about 8 seconds before lowering them back on the floor. Do 12-15 reps for each foot to keep your arches strong. [7]
        Stretch your foot arch Step 7.jpg
      • You can do this exercise barefoot or while wearing shoes, so you can do it while sitting at a desk or while working out.
      • It may be easier to complete the route if you do only one at a time so that you can focus on your shape.
    2. Spread your toes until you feel the arch stretch. Keep your foot pressed against the ground so that your toes are not bent or stretched. Try to move your big toe from your other toes until you feel the arch muscles contract. Keep your toes spread out for about 8 seconds at a time before relaxing again. Continue doing 25-30 reps per foot. [8]
        Stretch the arch of the foot Step 8.jpg
      • If you have trouble spreading your toes, try to keep them apart with your fingers.
      • It can be difficult to complete this route if you have bunions.
    3. Squeeze your heel and your foot ball into the floor. Sit down and lay your foot flat on the floor. Without bending or curling your toes, try to push down with your heel and your foot ball until you feel tension in the arch. Hold the distance for 8 seconds before relaxing the foot. Perform 5-15 reps per foot to help you lift the arches off the ground. [9]
        Stretch Your Foot Arch Step 9.jpg
      • When you become more comfortable doing this stretch, try to do it while standing up.
      • You can perform this stretch while sitting at a desk or working.
    4. Take a towel with your toes and lift it off the ground. Place a towel flat on the ground and place your foot flat on top of it so that it is approximately inside. Curl your toes to squeeze the towel and hug it to the body. When you have pulled the towel against you, push it with your toes. Do about 10 reps before changing your foot. [10]
        Stretch the arch of the foot Step 10.jpg
      • When you can easily pull the towel, you can try to put a book or jar on the towel to give more resistance. [11]
    5. Try picking up bullets with your toes. Spread 5-10 balls on the floor and place a cup down nearby. Curl your toes around a marble to try to pick it up from the ground and drop it in the cup. Try to pick up all the balls with one foot before dropping them back on the floor and changing feet. [12]
        Stretch your foot arch Step 11.jpg
      • Use different sizes of balls to add more difficulty to your workout.

    [ Edit ] Tips

    • Wear shoes with good arch support to help relieve any pain you feel throughout the day. [13]

    [ Edit ] [19659056] Warnings

    • If you have persistent pain in the arches, contact your primary care provider to see if there are any underlying conditions that are causing it. [14]

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