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How to store Vintage Champagne

Vintage champagne is made from the grapes in a single harvest and is much higher quality than other champagne. You can easily store your vintage champagne for many years by creating the right conditions and stacking them properly. Choose a dark, cool place and store the bottles on racks or shelves that can support their weight. Be sure to drink the vintage champagne before it gets flat after about 10 years!

[ Edit ] Step

[ Edit ] Create a storage location

  1. Use a well insulated area to maintain a uniform temperature. Choose a room, wardrobe or other storage area that is insulated enough to prevent wild temperature fluctuations, which can ruin your vintage champagne. Look for a space that has insulated walls, ceilings and floors. [1]
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    • Cellars that are not insulated are subject to drastic temperature changes and should not be used to store vintage champagne.
    • If you are planning to create a new storage space for your vintage champagne, make sure you insulate it well.
    • Place window insulation film over all windows in the space you plan to use.
  2. Set the air conditioning or cooling unit. Install a portable cooling unit or use your air conditioning system to keep the storage space nice and cool. Keep the room at an even temperature and avoid wild temperature fluctuations. [2]
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    • The ideal temperature range for storing vintage champagne is between.
    • Avoid storing your vintage champagne in a garage, shed, or kitchen, where the internal temperature may vary.
  3. Keep the humidity at about 50%. If you live in a dry location, use a humidifier to increase the humidity level in the space where you store your vintage champagne. To lower the humidity levels, use a dehumidifier so that the storage space doesn't get too humid, which can prematurely age your vintage champagne. [3]
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    • Many humidifiers and dehumidifiers have sensors that will tell them to turn on and off to keep the humidity levels constant in your storage area.
  4. Darken the space to reduce the champagne's exposure to light. Close the blinds over every window in the room to protect your vintage champagne from harmful UV rays. Use soft white light bulbs or LED light bulbs designed for mood lighting and keep them off when you are not in the storeroom. Keep the area as dark as you can to extend the shelf life of your vintage champagne. [4]
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    • Soft white bulbs emit a more yellowish light and are not as bright as other light bulbs.
    • Direct exposure to bright lighting can also damage your vintage champagne.

[ Edit ] Stacking the Vintage Champagne

  1. Use a champagne rack or shelves to store your vintage champagne. Place a wine rack specially designed to keep champagne bottles in your storage space away from direct light. You can also use a robust, comprehensive shelf unit for a more cost-effective storage option.
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    • Look for champagne stands in wine shops, interior stores, home improvement stores, and online. Make sure the grooves fit your vintage champagne bottles.
    • If you are planning on using shelves, make sure they are sturdy enough to support the champagne bottles. Solid wood or metal shelves will do the trick.
  2. Stack the bottles on their sides to keep the cork moist. Place your vintage champagne bottles on their sides in your rack or shelves so that they are stacked horizontally. The champagne inside the bottles will keep the corks moist and prevent them from shrinking, which can cause the carbon dioxide to leak. [5]
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    • Make sure the bottles do not roll around while they are in storage so that the carbonation does not build up inside the bottle.
  3. Store your vintage champagne for up to 10 years. Store your vintage champagne for years to age it well and open up nice flavors. Vintage champagne is of higher quality than other types of champagne or sparkling wines, but they will eventually lose their fizz, so store them for no longer than 10 years. [6]
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    • Old vintage champagne will be flat and taste like dried fruit, so open it up and enjoy it before it goes bad!

[ Edit ] Tips

  • Add some vintage shelves to store your vintage champagne! Just make sure they are sturdy enough to support the weight of the bottle.
  • If you have bottles of vintage champagne that have been going out for the last ten years, hold a bottle opening party with your friends to enjoy it before it goes off.

[ Edit ] Warnings

  • Be careful not to shake the bottles with champagne when you move them or the carbonation can build up and cause the cork to appear.

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