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How to stop Windows 10 from resetting default apps

With the help of a small and free app, you can quickly configure Windows 10 to never reset your app choices. How –

Have you noticed that even though you have configured Windows 10 to use a specific app when you open a file, it still resets to one of the Microsoft program defaults? This tool will prevent it from happening.

  1. Download the appropriately named Stop resetting my apps from here. It requires no installation – you just double-click the downloaded file to run it.

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  3. Just click on the app icon that you do not want to use by default. For example, if the Photos app opens when you double-click an image file, and is not the behavior you want ̵
    1; click the Photos button. A "red hand" appears over the icon, indicating that it will stop resetting as the default app.
  4. That's it! You can leave the app after making your choices. The apps will continue to work, they just won't be set by default from now on.

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