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How to Sell Textbooks on Amazon

This wikiHow teaches you how to sell and shop in a textbook on Amazon. You can either exchange the textbook at Amazon for their offered amount of gift credits or list the book at your own price. But if you decide to list the book instead of switching in, you can get more money.

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[ Edit ] Trading-in Your Textbook

  1. Examine the purchase price you can expect. Click on ☰> Books and Audiences> Sell us your books . Then enter the ISBN, title, or author of your textbook to find a list.
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    • If you do not find a list, your textbook is probably not accepted for trade-in by Amazon. You must create your own list and sell your book as an independent seller.
    • Remember that you can only buy a textbook for Amazon if it is in good condition. This means that there are no marks or writing in the book (no marking), it is free of stains (no significant damage to binding, covers and pages), and it comes with all its companions (if the book mentions a buddy CD, the CD must be included for Amazon to accept the purchase. [1]
  2. Prepare the textbook for exchange. Make sure all companion material is included in your book. Carefully clean the covers on the book to remove any debris such as dirt or foam marks.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 2 Version 2.jpg
  3. You will see this when you search for your item at https: / /www.amazon.com/Amazon-Trade-In/. Thu 19199009007 Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 3 Version 2.jpg "src =" https://www.wikihow.com/imagesfore/5/56/Sell-Textbooks- on-Amazon-Step 3-Version-2.jpg / aid11676809-v4-728px-Sell-Textbooks-on-Amazon-Step 3-Version-2.jpg " width = "728" height = "546" class = "whcdn" />

[19659009] Click to select or answer all questions. This excludes if your book is in the condition required to switch to Amazon. If you answer "Yes" to questions 2-4 or "No" to question 1, you cannot exchange your book and must list it as an independent seller.

  Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 4 Version 2 .jpg
  • Click the box next to "I verified that ISBN is correct. " When you have answered the above questions about the state of the book you will see the ISBN for the listed book is displayed. Make sure it matches the textbook you want to replace and click the box to fill it.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    • You can usually find the ISBN on the back of your book above the black and white bar code scanned in the store.
    • You will also see the current purchase value set in green here.
  • Click and log in. You'll see the "Continue" button at the bottom of the screen after selecting the ISBN box.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • Login if prompted.
  • Click below the appropriate return shipping address. If you have multiple addresses in the file, you will see them all listed here. Choose the address that Amazon can use for your shipping label and if your exchange is not acceptable.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 7 Version 2.jpg
  • Confirm your exchange. Check your return address, shipping method (usually drop-off at a UPS location), the textbook you buy and how much you get.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 8 Version 2.jpg
    • If you want to add another item to your exchange, you can search for ISBN, title or author of the book in the search box below your current entry marked "Search for more items to replace. " You can only exchange items up to $ 1,800 in one order. [2]
  • Click. You will be redirected to a confirmation page stating that your shipping labels are on the way and your deposit credit will be valid when Amazon receives and accepts the textbooks.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 9 Version 2.jpg [19659030] You can see the status of your exchange, as if it is still being delivered or accepted at the warehouse, from your submission account. </li>
<h3><span class= [ Edit ] Listing Your Textbook [19659006] Find out how much your book sells for. Click ☰> Books and Audible> Textbooks then enter the ISBN, title, or author of your book to see the current lists.

      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 10 Version 2.jpg
    • You I want to check the current prices, descriptions and titles for your own list.
  • Prepare the textbook for listing. Make sure all companion material is included in your book (if you have them); Carefully clean the covers on the book to remove any debris such as dirt or foam.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 11 Version 2.jpg
  • Photograph the book. Your list allows for 6 images, so you want to make sure you show relevant images that help sell the book.
      Sell textbooks on Amazon Step 12 version 2.jpg
    • Take pictures of all damaged areas so buyers know what they are getting for the money they pay.
    • Use light, natural lighting instead of low or indoor lighting in front of a simple background for the best images. Your textbook can easily get lost in a messy background.
    • You can photograph or scan key pages as well as accompanying material if it helps to sell the book.
  • Search for your book. Just like researching your book before selling it, go to ☰> Books & Audible> Textbooks then enter the ISBN, title, or author of your book. Click on another textbook in the list similar to yours.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 13 Version 2.jpg
  • Click. You can see this on the left side of the page, under the cover image of the book and its ISBN-13 and ISBN-10.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 14 Version 2.jpg

    [19659009] Log in or create an Amazon Seller account. If you need to create an Amazon Seller account, you may need to verify your identity and some personal information before proceeding. For more information, read the guide on how to start selling on Amazon.

      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 15 Version 2.jpg
  • Describe your textbook. Since you clicked on a similar item to sell with, most details for the list will be generated. You can describe the terms of your textbook as new – used / acceptable.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 16 Version 2.jpg
    • New is just as it sounds – new, unused, probably still in some shrinking cover or original packaging.
    • Used – Like New can be applied to all easily used books that were barely touched. For example, if you have taken off the packaging and dropped through the pages sometimes, but have not left any creases or marks, you may have a textbook in New – as new .
    • Used – Very good indicates that the textbook may have some minor cosmetic defects such as marks, scuffs, incisions, bends and wear on the cover, spine, sides and / or dust cover. The textbook may also have lacked its accompanying media-bound media.
    • Used – Good indicates that the book is intact (with or without dust cover), with signs of wear, especially on the spine. There may also be some highlights and selections on the pages as well as a sticker on the cover similar to "From the library in …". The textbook could also be missing its accompanying media-bound media.
    • Used – Acceptable indicates that the pages may have some markings, notes, marks and / or water damage, but the text should still be readable. The outside of the textbook shows wear, cuts, bends, scrubs and marks, and the dust cover is missing. [3]
  • List your book. Once you have followed the on-screen instructions to describe your textbook, you will see a confirmation page for your list.
      Sell Textbooks on Amazon Step 17 Version 2.jpg
    • Once your list has been published, potential buyers may notify you to ask a question. You can access these communications in your Amazon Seller Central dashboard (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/).??19659059??????19459007achteEdit19199009006??????19659060 ?? from your own printer to make shipping faster. If you buy your textbook, you have seven days to send the textbook when the order has been submitted. If you are selling as an independent seller, you can set delivery options and any additional costs on the list page.
    • To avoid water damage during shipping, you should wrap your book in a plastic bag before putting it in a suitable-sized box or envelope. [4]

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