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How to see a counterfeit banknote

Money: Back to basics

Check the paper – a real banknote will have a rag feel, while a fake one will be more papery.

Bank Of England’s wording on the front will be raised slightly if genuine.

A metal wire appears on each banknote and should be woven through the paper and not just printed over it. Hold it up to the light – it should be a continuous dark line. There should also be a watermark of the queen’s portrait when it’s up to the light.

Genuine notes have detailed and sharp printed lines and colors.

There should also be a hologram of £ 5 and £ 10 banknotes, of a picture of a colored picture of Britannia and the numerical value of the banknote, when tilted.

But the new 20 pound banknotes are different.

Ultraviolet lamps and magnifying glasses can be used to whip out a banknote.

If you find a fake, take it to the police and they will give you a receipt and send it to the Bank of England.

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