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How to replace nuts

You may want to replace nuts due to an allergy or simply because you want to broaden your culinary horizons. Whatever the reason, you will hopefully find a replacement that will make you happy rather than still hungry! As always, if you are dealing with an allergy and are trying a new type of seed or soy substitute, consult your doctor or allergist first to make sure it is a safe alternative.


[[[[Edit]Use options in tasty meals

  1. Use seeds instead of nuts to add crunch. Swap seeds for nuts on salads, in track mix, in granola, on yogurt, tossed with sautéed vegetables or even sprinkle on ice cream or frozen yogurt. Here are some seeds you may be interested in trying:[1]
    Replace nuts step 1.jpg
    • Sunflower seeds are small and have a slightly nutty taste; you can buy them salted or unsalted.
    • Pumpkin seeds are a bit chewy and sweet; they are a little bigger, which makes them a great option if you want to fry them with different spices.
    • Chia seeds are quite small and have a large crunch. They have a slightly nutty taste and are as big as a poppy seed.
    • Flax seeds are down to earth and nutty in taste. The seeds are small, about the size of sesame seeds. They have a light yet crunchy texture.
  2. Add texture to salads and other dishes with crispy chickpeas. Open a jar of chickpeas and dry them with a paper towel so that they are as dry as possible. Spread them on a baking sheet and drizzle them with olive oil. Fry them in the oven for 20-30 minutes, giving the pan a shake every 10 minutes. Season them with salt, pepper or other spices before using them as a topping or enjoying them as a crunchy snack.[2]
    Replace nuts step 2.jpg
    • Turmeric, cumin and peppers are great spices to add to your roasted chickpeas.
    • Be a little more adventurous and add them with chili powder, cinnamon, ginger or a drop of lime juice.
    • Chickpeas are high in fiber, iron, fatty acids and a variety of vitamins.[3]
  3. Fill your dishes with a small handful of dried fruit for extra fiber. Dried fruit is also an excellent source of potassium, and it gives a chewy texture to the food. Find raisins, cranberries, apricots, figs and other dried fruits at your local grocery store. Try them on salads, yogurt or even mixed with rice pilaf or couscous.[4]
    Replace nuts step 3.jpg
    • For fresher alternatives, use freeze-dried fruit.
  4. Replace nuts with panko crumbs to create a nut-free crust on the fish. When you think of a crusty fish, you probably imagine pistachios, walnuts or even macadamia nuts, making this delicious dish out of reach if you have a nut allergy. Try to replace the same amount of nuts with panko crumbs and cook the fish as the recipe says for delicious results.[5]
    Replace nuts step 4.jpg
    • For even more flavor, try using spicy panko crumbs, which you can buy at your local grocery store.
  5. Make pesto with roasted sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts or pistachios. Buy roasted sunflower seeds from your local grocery store. Replace them with the same amount of pine nuts as the recipe requires.[6]
    Replace nuts step 5.jpg
    • Seeds are generally safe for nut allergies, but you should always listen to the advice of a doctor or allergist when dealing with food sensitivity.
    • To save money on seeds, try to buy them in bulk if possible.

[[[[Edit]Swap nuts for sweet candies

  1. Top ice cream with crushed pretzels for a little crunch. To get the same crunch without the potential risk, throw a handful of pretzels in a resealable plastic bag. Seal it while expelling any excess air. Gently tap the pretzels with a jar or rolling pin to break them up and then sprinkle them on your ice cream.[7]
    Replace nuts step 6.jpg
    • Bonus points if you use chocolate-covered pretzels!
  2. Replace nuts with the same amount of chocolate chips in cake recipes. Rather than just omitting the nuts, increase the amount of chocolate chips you add to the recipe. If you just let them out, the dough ratio will change and the cakes will probably spread too far while baking.[8]
    Replace nuts step 7.jpg
    • If you want, you can try another type of sweet chip, such as white chocolate, caramel, cinnamon or sandwich.
  3. Use alternative flours to bake nut-free bread and sweets. This can be a particularly challenging obstacle if you follow a diet that does not allow you to have traditional flour or if you can not eat gluten. Explore recipes that use one of these nutless options:[9]
    Replace nuts step 8.jpg
    • Coconut flour tastes a bit like coconut, so use it to complement other ingredients, such as coffee, chocolate or banana.
    • Tapioca starch is an excellent alternative for thick pies, puddings and sauces; It is also an excellent ingredient for crusts and makes them crisp yet clear.
    • Potato starch handles high heat well, which makes it a good alternative for pastries that need to cook at high temperatures.
    • Arrowroot powder can thicken custard, puddings or jellies or create light and fluffy pastries.
  4. Roast and grind pumpkin seeds to replace almond flour in baking recipes. Place pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet and fry them for about 7 minutes, or until they start to turn brown and crispy. Let them cool and then grind them to a fine powder with a coffee grinder or something similar. Substitute equal amounts of pumpkin seed flour for almond flour in your recipe.[10]
    Replace nuts step 9.jpg
    • To make sure there are no pieces of seeds left, sift the ground pumpkin seeds before using it in your recipe.
    • This is a fantastic hack that can open up the world of macaroni to those who have nut allergies!

[[[[Edit]Find peanut butter substitutes

  1. Use toasty, smooth sunflower seed butter as a delicious topping. Whether you spread it on a sandwich or use it as a dip for biscuits or apples, sunflower seed butter is a wonderful, nut-free alternative to nut butter. You can even spread a little on a hot muffin and wipe it with honey for a delicious breakfast option.[11]
    Replace nuts step 10.jpg
    • Many brands sell ready-made sunflower seed butter that you can buy in the grocery store, or you can try making your own.
  2. Enjoy a spread reminiscent of peanut butter with soy butter. Soybean butter has a similar texture to peanut butter, with a slightly sweeter taste. It is made from roasted soybean nuts and you can find commercially prepared varieties in your local grocery store.[12]
    Replace nuts step 11.jpg
    • Some people with nut allergies can also be allergic to soy, so always make sure to double check with a doctor.
  3. Enjoy a salty alternative by substituting peanut butter for hummus. Hummus may not go so well with jam or jelly, but it is a wonderful alternative as a dip for vegetables and biscuits. It is also good spread on a piece of toast and topped with sliced ​​tomatoes and cucumbers.[13]
    Replace nuts step 12.jpg
    • Like peanut butter and other peanut butter, hummus is an excellent source of protein.
  4. Spread apple butter on fruit or toast for a sweet treat. Try stirring it in oatmeal or yogurt, drizzling over the ice cream or using it as the sauce on a dessert pizza. Buy it from your local grocery store or see if you have a friend who does – it’s a popular staple in many pantries![14]
    Replace nuts step 13.jpg
    • Apple butter is made by slowly boiling a batch of peeled and chopped apples until they caramelize and change color to a deep brown.
  5. Make a creamy, rich sweet potato spread to add to your sandwich. Just peel a sweet potato and cut it into large pieces before steaming for about 15 minutes, or until soft. Let it cool and then mash it to an even consistency with a fork or put it in a food processor. Spread it on a piece of wheat bread and pair with your favorite jam or jelly for a unique interpretation on a classic sandwich.[15]
    Replace nuts step 14.jpg
    • For an even easier change, use a can of mashed sweet potatoes!
    • Add a little texture to your sandwich with roasted sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. You can even store some sliced ​​apple for an extra crunch.
  6. Use cookie butter for a decadent, nut-free treatment. Cookie butter is probably a little too sweet and high in sugar to be used as an everyday sandwich, but as a casual candy, it is an excellent choice. It is very similar to peanut butter and has a delicious taste. You can find it in some grocery stores or online.[16]
    Replace nuts Step 15.jpg
    • You can spread cookie butter on toast, use it as a spread for fruit, add waffles and pancakes, or even use it to make buckeyes instead of peanut butter.

[[[[Edit]Trying different snacks

  1. Enjoy a salty snack with a handful of olives. There is a wide range of olives to choose from, from green olives to black olives to olives stuffed with cheeses or pickled vegetables! Although they are not crispy, they will satisfy that craving for some salt while adding healthy fats and vitamin E to your diet.[17]
    Replace nuts step 16.jpg
    • Since olives tend to have a high sodium content, be careful not to eat more than 5-6 in a day.[18]
  2. Eat a hard-boiled egg for a simple, high-protein snack. Pack one for lunch or take one out of the fridge when you feel hunger aches. They may not be crispy or have the same taste as nuts, but they are very nutritious.[19]
    Replace nuts step 17.jpg
    • Hard-boiled eggs that are still in the shells keep in the fridge for about a week. Have a party on the weekends to enjoy the whole week.[20]
  3. Stay fuller longer with snacks that are high in protein. One of the benefits of nuts is that they can help you stay happy longer due to their high fat content and protein content. Add some of these other foods to your daily meal plan for added protein and energy:[21]
    Replace nuts step 18.jpg
    • Greek yogurt
    • Cottage cheese
    • Edamame
    • Tuna salad
    • Hummus
    • Jerky
    • Turkey and cheese spread


  • Crispy peas and beans also make great toppings or snacks if you are looking for a crunchy nut alternative.


  • Food allergies are a very serious matter, so always consult a doctor, pediatrician or allergist to make sure that a new nut status is safe to introduce into your diet.
  • If you have a nut allergy and buy replacement products from the store, always check the label to make sure they are processed in a nut-free plant.


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